Brian Marquis Drops Off Warped Tour

Photo by Erin Caruso
Photo by Erin Caruso

Brian Marquis has decided to drop off of the Vans Warped Tour due to hospitalization. Marquis states “I fought a little lightning and won. ” in an instagram post. Check out the post he left on a private warped tour group wall below. You can buy concert tickets here, and purchase a CD here.

“I appreciate everyone’s well wishes but I am having a tough time processing what I went through and to avoid rehashing this awful experience over and over for myself I’ll explain what happened so everyone can understand what went down because it’s hard to keep telling for me. A storm was coming and the Warped crowd was evacuated to the amphitheater until it passed. Well, the storm came really quick and extremely strong and fast. Within a few minutes we were in ankle deep water and winds kicked up so bad both my stage’s tent poles were bent over like 45 degrees and appeared like they were going to fly away and all our gear, crew and artists would be compromised. I grabbed onto one of the tent poles to stop the tent from blowing away, as did some other people and lightning struck somewhere in close proximity and traveled through either the tent pole, the water I was in or the ground – no idea – but it wasn’t a direct hit to my body. I felt a strong shock go through my hands burning them and sending me back a few feet. It was so chaotic I just tried to keep securing the tent and I went to unhitch the tent wall and that’s when my heart felt like it was going to explode. Then I couldn’t feel my hands, then I couldn’t feel my arms, then my chest hurt and was tight and I was having trouble breathing. Honestly, I thought I was on my way out. Thankfully I had some of the most amazing friends, crew, medical and security staff right by my side immediately and they helped me hang on until the ambulance came. After a few hours at the hospital my heart got back to normal. All my tests came back normal after a few iv bags of fluids and steroids to protect my organs and some aspirin. The nerves in 2 of my finger tips feel burnt, my left hand is semi numb, my left arm is sore, tingly and tight, my chest is tight and basically my whole body feels like every muscle was flexed for a long time. I am experiencing some intense anxiety that I am not used to and I am trying to rest and get back to normal while I await for my super powers to be revealed. I hope this helps alleviate questions and concerns.

It warms my heart to know so many people care about me and I appreciate all of your words and hugs. Thank you xox

A special thanks to Minh Lucas Chris Holloway Steve Schaeffer Mike Holshue Terry Lee Myers Michael Farr who stayed by my side during this. I am so grateful for this family.”

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