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MUSIC CITIES: The DENVER Music Guide for the Independent Touring Band

Bands, artists, music geeks and lovers of music around the globe… Welcome to this blog! We are SIR, an alternative pop rock trio based out of Denver. We wrote this to help you connect with the right venues and bands on your tour stop in Colorado. Please connect with us as well- we are always looking for show swaps across the country. Whatever you are into, Denver has it! Our music scene is thriving. There are so many venues and so many artists. As touring musicians we know that being…

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Mammoth Cannon Alternative Features Rock Track-By-Track 

TRACK-BY-TRACK: Mammoth Cannon – Exiled

Earlier this year, Illinois rock 5-piece Mammoth Cannon released their amazing record Exiled. Today, the band is giving us the full inside scoop about each of the tracks in this brand new exclusive track-by-track. Listen along below with all the tracks as you read the inspiration and stories behind each one! If you like what you hear, and we’re definitely sure you will, you can purchase a copy of Exiled here. Also, be sure to keep up with Mammoth Cannon by following them on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Please follow and like…

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Warped Tour 2017 Interview: American Authors

Odds are if you own a radio or have ears, you’re familiar with American Authors—especially their hits “Best Day Of My Life”, which saw enormous success after appearing in a UK Hyundai commercial, as well as the insanely catchy “Believer.”  What you may not know is what’s pushed the band from struggling NYC act to the major label act they are today, along with the current challenges of being a touring band, and their advice to emerging musicians. Check out our video interview below or scroll a bit further for the…

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InterviewWarped Tour 2017 Features Hardcore Interviews News 

Warped Tour 2017 Interview: Silverstein

Fans of Burlington, Ontario’s Silverstein will no doubt still be celebrating the release of Friday’s brand new album, Dead Reflection, which has already seen enormous praise. To follow up that hype, we’re publishing our interview with Josh Bradford from the very soggy Mansfield, MA Warped Tour date. Josh and I had the opportunity to chat about ‘Dead Reflection’, the band’s success, the struggle of turning music into a career, advice for emerging artists (especially when it comes to social media), and getting back to their roots. Check out the video…

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Mandy's Mixtape The Best of Punk Goes Pop News Playlists 

Mandy’s Mixtape #2: The Best of Punk Goes Pop

Beginning back in 2002, Fearless Records released their first cover compilation Punk Goes Pop Vol. 1, a collection of alternative and punk artists covering the top pop hits of that year. 15 years later, the Punk Goes Pop series has branched out even further with the introduction of albums like Punk Goes Acoustic, Punk Goes Classic Rock, and Punk Goes Christmas. Today, the series is still going strong, with the 7th volume being released just this past Friday. For this month’s Mandy’s Mixtape playlist, I’m throwing it back to the best, standout tracks of Punk Goes Pop throughout the years….

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Lies Features Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: The Lies Our Mental Illness Tells Us

Sometimes we need help living with our mental illness, and that’s okay. Sometimes it can get too much, and I understand that. I, myself, suffer from depression and anxiety. Often, we feel scared and ashamed to ask for help; Or even simply talking about how we feel. We shouldn’t, and we know that, but we do anyway. That’s just another lie our mental illness tells us; “We’ll just be a burden” or “we’ll cause unnecessary worry.”  You aren’t a burden. They love you. You see we need to be honest…

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10011253_522772447833710_9197184409088164095_n Features News The Most Important Thing I've Learned 

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Patience

I have played in various musical projects for the majority of my life, some of those projects did better than others, but the main points of learning ring true for every band, regardless of skill or genre. The main, and most important learning moment that happened for me, and this took quite a while to sink in, but it is critical, is that while playing music you have to learn to be very patient. Patience is a virtue that will never hurt you, but is unfortunately very difficult to manage…

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RadioBlack Features News The Most Important Thing I've Learned 

The Most Important Thing We’ve Learned: Finding Your Niche & Creating a Community

One night last year, Derek and I were standing by a dumpster in an alley before playing a small club in Hollywood. Having just loaded in down a narrow hallway, ducking around bartenders, dishwashers, and drunk patrons, we found ourselves back in the alley by our van. We were checking each side of a dumpster for gear we had pre-loaded around it, when a black pickup truck with oversized tires pulled in behind our van and started honking. It was a bartender about to start his shift, and understanding we…

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The Other Gig Alternative News Pop Punk Rock The Other Gig 

The Other Gig: A Boy Named John

For the next installment of The Other Gig, we caught up with A Boy Named John, a New Jersey-based alternative punk band. In between recording music and touring for their debut album So We Live / So We Die, the members of A Boy Named John all work second jobs, and some are also students. Continue reading to see our interview with the group, and make sure to check out their latest music video for “Gentlemen” below! Please follow and like us:

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Mandy's Mixtape Features News Playlists 

Mandy’s Mixtape #1: Summertime Tunes

Regardless of how you’re spending the long, hot days of summer, your main goal should be to relax and beat the heat. To do so, you’ll need the essentials: some ice cream, air conditioning, and some summer tunes. Please follow and like us:

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