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Mental Health Matters: ADHD

Twirling my pencil around involuntarily, staring up at the ceiling daydreaming, my brain replaying a song I heard the night before, my grades going down by the day due to all of this happening while I was at school. I was lost. I was dwindling so deeply into “la la land” that I could not focus on the material. This wasn’t just a one-time occurrence; this was me almost every year in school from childhood to adolescence.  Something had to be done. After numerous doctor visits, I was officially diagnosed…

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Get It Together

“My drummer forgot his snare, can he use yours”? Seriously, this happens. A lot. And I don’t mean to take a dig at drummers here with this. You can interchange any member and any piece of equipment in that statement and it would be just as relevant. I’ve been touring for the better part of the last decade, and in that time I won’t say that I’ve seen it all. But I’ve seen my damn fair share. At the end of the day it boils down to how you approach…

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Using Your Given Voice To Battle That Pesky Inner Voice Of Doubt Alternative Features Folk Guest Blogs Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Using Your Given Voice To Battle That Pesky Inner Voice Of Doubt

It’s difficult enough to explain depression & anxiety to someone who doesn’t suffer from it. Add in the element of having an artist’s mind, and that explanation gets even blurrier. With the, seemingly unnatural, marriage of business & creativity, the triggers that can set off an episode can be odd & infinitely varied. However, the tools that an anxious songwriter, like me, have at their disposal are powerful & unique. For instance, in October of 2016, with the soundtrack of Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore’s voice in the background, I…

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On Music, the Light, and the Darkness Features Guest Blogs Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: On Music, the Light, and the Darkness

  Maintaining the public semi-fictions we present to the world can be exhausting.  There is pressure to become the most digestible and uncomplicated versions of who we think we should be for others to see and acknowledge.  But this picture we present usually lacks what I would call ‘personal substance’ – that private world where our depth of feeling, tangible rawness and vulnerability resides.  This under-the-skin honesty is too heavy to be shared out loud in person, and something we are expected to tuck away deep within ourselves and not…

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-I Call The Shots.- Staying Healthy & Managing Your Limits Features Guest Blogs Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: “I Call The Shots.” Staying Healthy & Managing Your Limits

Music and Mental Health go hand in hand.  Music is therapeutic.  It can make you laugh, cry or feel like you’re on top of the world.  Learning to read and play music can help build self-esteem and confidence. For me, music was an escape.  I grew up with a mentally ill parent, but we didn’t talk about mental illness in my house.  It was this giant elephant in the room.  I used to think that if I could ignore the elephant that it would just go away. I started playing…

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Finding The Right Fit For Your Label

One of the most crucial aspects of running a label is signing the right bands. You need to see talent where others don’t, and then know how to capitalize on it. The first time I heard about Household was from one of Blood & Ink’s former bands, Comrades. Joe, the guitarist/vocalist, told me they were young, but brought something really special to the table. After a few emails with Household, I took a trip up to northern Virginia to see them open a show for Comrades in someone’s garage. There…

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I didn’t see these as internal struggles because everyone else around me perceived them as achievements. Features Guest Blogs Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: “I didn’t see these as internal struggles because everyone else around me perceived them as achievements.”

There’s a saying that goes: “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” I think it comes from the Bible or something, but I’m not exactly sure. To be honest, I didn’t know about the saying or its meaning until my therapist explained to me what high­ functioning anxiety and depression were. Growing up I found it difficult to keep my hands still. My body constantly felt restless because my mind was always moving. I picked up instruments, eagerly accepted challenges, and was stimulated by new opportunities. I figured that if I…

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My First Time: Eidola

The first time I went to see a concert was in November of 2006. I had seen my friends play at local venues, but never anything more than 20 people in a garage. I grew up in a small town called Payson, Utah, which is about an hour south of Salt Lake City. Bands generally only stop in Salt Lake City, if they stop in Utah at all, so this was the first time I had the money for a ticket and the means to get to the venue. I was going to…

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Mental Health Matters: Post-Tour Depression

Being a DIY artist in the music industry is the ultimate catch-22.  Mix in dealing with anxiety, stress, depression and a multitude of other mental illnesses and you’re in the middle of a creative quicksand.  I’ve been an active, touring musician for the past 6+ years – having done 13 tours (all self-booked) while still holding down a full-time job when back home and off the road.  For me, It’s that coming-off-the-road that’s always the hardest part of being a DIY musician.  I’ve dealt with depression and severe anxiety for…

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Mental Health Matters: What No One Is Talking About in the Music Industry

There’s something terrible happening in the music industry, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why no one is talking about it. It impacts the artists we set out to help, it changes the way we operate our businesses, and it’s hurting the people who work so hard to give this industry and the people around them their all. I’m talking about mental health. The amount of people struggling with a mental illness in this industry (yours truly included), and fighting night and day for the things…

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