My First Time copy 2 Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Summer Wars

Summer Wars as a band are still somewhat early on, so to play such renowned festivals like South By South West, and So What?! Fest so soon in our career was amazing.  We are from Raleigh, NC so we drove down to Austin, Texas and played a show case on a Saturday night for our booking agency Circle Talent Agency.  It was right downtown on 6th street at a place called The Dirty Dog, it was a 500 capacity venue and it was basically sold out, absolutely the biggest show…

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My First Time copy 2 Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Jim Monaghan From Hoboken Hi-Fi Studios

Long before I made a living recording reggae music, I was a punk rocker.  I was also into traditional Jamaican Ska so it was only a matter of time that I would find reggae.  The first recording that I heard other than random Bob Marley and Sublime tunes was a tune called “Skinhead Revolt” by Joe the Boss.  I must note that this was recorded in 1970, long before Skinheads were racists.  They were young black and white British youths who were working class citizens that identified with the sounds…

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Bad cop Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Adam Moult Of Bad Cop

My first time going on tour, I never had more fun in my life. The best days of being a musician, are the first days. My first time going on tour was quite an exciting time. My band, Bad Cop, had just inked a deal with one of the most our favorite punk labels of all time, ROIR Records (MC5, Beastie Boys, Television, Bad Brains, etc.) We had only been a band for four months and played less than eight shows prior to this tour. As you could imagine,we were…

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Isaiah Dominguez Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Isaiah Dominguez

My first show was in middle school with my first band, so double firsts!  I was the drummer in a band called Partial Rekovery, which in retrospect is completely unforgivable. We used to rehearse the one song we actually knew (‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin Park) in the symphonic band room during our lunches.  I remember the band instructor coming in once and saying that we were really noisy and not melodic enough, which I totally believe, but at the time we were thinking “yeah! Punk rock!” I am truly sorry to everyone who had…

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sitkittysit - lisa martin Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Mike Thompson Of Sit Kitty Sit

When I left home for college at Berklee School of Music, after having grown up in a small town in the smallest state where I was told I was hot shit, I thought it’d be breeze. Bear in mind that up until then I’d never really played out of state or even the town except for when the high school jazz band competed in regional competitions, of which we always won.  Even though I practiced and played a lot in garage bands and such, I didn’t really feel the need…

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This Year's Ghost Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Paul McKenzie Of This Year’s Ghost

The weird thing about my first time going to a gig was that I was playing in the band. I was 15 years old in Edinburgh, Scotland and I knew a bunch of guys that played in a metal band that just lost their guitarist and they knew I played. We weren’t exactly playing Steve Vai tunes, but we did write some pretty heavy riffs for a bunch of 15 year old stoners (as well as a couple of covers in there – Machine Head, Sepultura, Smashing Pumpkins…) Since that…

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imagine the silence Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: Imagine The Silence

The video for “Are We Gonna Ouija or What?” was imagined when we first began writing for the song. We started the song using a ouija board as a metaphor for a higher power, and continued writing the lyrics with that as the inspiration; essentially the entire song is talking about searching for this higher power, and trying to find out if it really exists. Right away we knew that we wanted to make a video for it, and wrote out a rough script so that we had an idea…

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thevon Features My First Time 


Stories of a Female Drummer As long as I can remember, I loved music and I always wanted to be a musician. When I was around 13, I decided to pick up drums. I was naturally coordinated and it didn’t take me long to start jamming with other musicians. As I grew older, I came to realize that being a female drummer had its advantages and disadvantages. The music industry is a predominantly male dominated business, but I was just as good, if not better than a lot of the boys….

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Promo1 Features My First Time 

MY FIRST TIME: James Laughton Of Saint[the]Sinner

It took me four years to get from a 60-person capacity venue in my hometown, to Alexandra Palace. I was 14-years-old when I played my first show. We got the opportunity to open up a huge local line-up and for me it was the perfect start. Being bottom of the pile, close to home and willing to fight for your place in the local scene. I’ll never forget that night – the excitement and energy was contagious. Strangely enough, I played guitar back then and Pash [Stratton] (our guitarist) was then…

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darius holbert Features My First Time 


I’ve played a billion live shows over the years, but the very first one I ever played was at a shitty little honky-tonk in Dallas called the Rhythm Room.  I was 14 or 15 and playing with a bunch of “older” (21!) dudes in a surprisingly good (for Dallas) new-wave band called the Hemmingways. I wrapped my Korg M1 in a blanket, threw it into my Mom’s Volvo station wagon. Although I wanted to be dropped off down the block, I didn’t want to carry my gear all that way, so Mom…

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