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PLAYLIST: Best In Show Features Playlists 

PLAYLIST: Best In Show

When it comes to music, a well-produced track is going to grab your attention. If it sounds like you recorded your entire album through a potato, on most occasions, it won’t be received in the best way. There are few bands who have mastered the level and quality of production that can be called almost perfect and rock foursome Unconscious Disturbance have put together a list of 10 songs that showcase this. You can check out the playlist in it’s entirety after the jump!

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PLAYLIST: Close Out Summer With A Bang And Some Tunes Playlists 

PLAYLIST: Close Out Summer With A Bang And Some Tunes

August is officially here and, before you know it, school and responsibilities will begin to loom around the corner. But with the right playlist in mind, one may be able to hang on to the last long and hot days of summer sun and enjoy the carefree ease that summer brings. Starting off with a bit of a chill indie note with some Bleachers and Royal Teeth, this playlist soon picks things up to a dance mood scattering in some trending Blink 182 and even Halsey to keep the energy…

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PLAYLIST: Songs To Drink Wine To Features Playlists 

PLAYLIST: Songs To Drink Wine To

Being a band of two married couples, our lives are filled with so much more than just making music together. Throughout the making of our latest record, Crooked Orchards, we would unwind after a long day of tracking by sitting on the couch with a glass (or three) of wine and binge-watching TV shows together. It was these moments that helped make the recording process so comfortable. Life moves so fast and in so many different directions nowadays that taking an hour or so to just sit and relax with…

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PLAYLIST: Social Repose Tour Mix News Playlists 

PLAYLIST: Social Repose Tour Mix

Social Repose is currently on the Yalta Tour in support of his recently released album of the same name. But while out on tour, there is some down time for artists to listen to their favorite tracks. So we asked Social Repose what we’d likely find on his tour playlist, and this is what he came up with! To catch Social Repose on tour buy tickets here and check the tour dates after the playlist!

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PLAYLIST: The Qemists Features Playlists 

PLAYLIST: The Qemists

So, here’s our playlist. This list is compromised of songs/bands that have inspired us both collectively, and individually. Some of these songs represent a source of inspiration early on in the life of The Qemists, and others we have recently experience live on tour which have served only to re-ignite the fires of inspiration. We hope you enjoy them all as much as we do. One Love!!

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PLAYLIST: idobi’s Man Of The Hour Features Playlists 

PLAYLIST: idobi’s Man Of The Hour

What I love about Pat’s playlist is that I can tell that all these artists have been influenced by all the bands he loved while growing up. The pop punk scene is an honest and energy-driven music that later spawned variants of that. Some include different elements to their music, but I just know we all come from the same place. – Sébastien Lefebvre

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PLAYLIST: Inspiring & Supportive Features Playlists 

PLAYLIST: Inspiring & Supportive

We decided to do a playlist about the bands who not only inspire us, but also support us through an online community. They are bands that share in our struggle and understand our sacrifice. We wanted to give them a chance to gain exposure for their music. They’ve all worked very hard and deserve to be heard, so we wanted to use this opportunity to showcase their amazing music. You can check out each song below or listen to the playlist in it’s entirety here. 

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PLAYLIST: A Sneak Peek Into The Routine’s Music World Features News Playlists 

PLAYLIST: A Sneak Peek Into The Routine’s Music World

Greetings music lovers. This is a sneak peek into The Routine music world. Every member of the band has a distinct taste in music, these are some of the songs we all get down to. Songs that set a good mood in the van during that long drive to the next town. This playlist pairs nicely with our new album Black Tropics. Some of the songs influenced the album, others are a preview of things to come.

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Songs That First Influenced Hungover To Start Playing Music Features Playlists 

Songs That First Influenced Hungover To Start Playing Music

As millennials, we were lucky enough to grow up during the Golden Age of Pop-Punk/Emo. This playlist is made up of songs we first heard in our youth that inspired us to pick up our instruments. Each one had (and still has) a huge impact on the music we make today. The nostalgia was all to real when we were putting this together.

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