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TOUR DIARY: Eidola – Week 1 Features News Post-hardcore Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY: Eidola – Week 1

Progressive post-hardcore and Utah-based outfit Eidola are currently embarking on a nationwide tour with Capsize and Hail The Sun. The band will be giving us the inside scoop on all their tour adventures with weekly diary installments and pictures. This week, Eidola highlights the first week’s events! Check out the diary entry after the jump! Eidola released their new album To Speak, To Listen on June 2nd. You can purchase a copy here. Their current tour runs until June 24th. A full list of remaining dates are listed below! To see Eidola live, you can…

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TOUR DIARY: Approaching Troy – Part 2 Alternative Features News Rock Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY: Approaching Troy – Part 2

Part 2: Home Away From Home After the first leg of our nationwide tour, we jumped onto our friends in A Crowd Like You’s Ride Or Die tour and headed west with them; starting in our hometown of Long Island, we nearly sold out Amityville Music Hall. Directly after that incredible Amityville show, we set out to Ohio and within a day (and with reality already settling in) we found ourselves very, very far from home. Yet we eventually were made to feel remarkably at home after playing Frankie’s Inner…

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TOUR DIARY: Approaching Troy – Part 1 Alternative Features News Rock Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY: Approaching Troy – Part 1

Part 1: Tour never goes to plan… Before joining A Crowd Like You on the Ride or Die tour, the first leg of Approaching Troy’s Blacked Out and Ready Tour primarily consisted of New England with our friends in Connecticut-based band Rise & Resist. We hope this first week of the tour was where we got all our bad luck out, because if not we can’t imagine what the West Coast has in store for us…

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Gerard Way Announces US Spring Dates Alternative News Rock Tour Diary 

Gerard Way Announces US Spring Dates

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has just announced a 7-date North America tour following his recent run of UK shows. The tour will be in support of his recently released album Hesitant Alien, which you can buy here. The tour will take place from May 15th at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN). The rest of the dates can be found below and tickets can be purchased here.

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TOUR DIARY #2: Not Tonight Josephine Features Metal News Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY #2: Not Tonight Josephine

Okay, so after we last left you while we were cruising the French Quarter, Danny (vocals) tried to sleep in a guitar case, we found out Christian (drums) can’t rap, and that maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason two visits to New Orleans should be kept few and far between. Overall though, we weren’t in too bad of shape. It’s a relatively quick drive to our next stop in West Louisiana, a small town outside of Shreveport called Bossier City where we had stopped before. The venue there is also…

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Tour Diary #2: The Nearly Deads Features News Rock Tour Diary 

Tour Diary #2: The Nearly Deads

TJ here, on my way back to Nashville after our last show of this tour. I love being on the road, but I’m so excited to be home for a few weeks before heading out again! So I’m just chillin’ in the back bunk of our van listening to some Brand New and writing this! We last left off in Portland. The next night we got to stay with some friends outside of our show in Chico, California. The crew treated us really well and we had a lot of…

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TOUR DIARY: Not Tonight Josephine Features Metal News Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY: Not Tonight Josephine

 Dear Diary…. No, that was a joke. Okay, it was a bad one. Anyways, it seems like the RollerCoastTour just wrapped up maybe last night (really we’ve been home for two weeks now, but I’m pretty certain that we all slept for the first 6 days of that break). We’re heading back into the southeast again, mainly because as 5 guys from Florida, none of us have a single clue or desire to drive in the snow. After working out the kinks of touring with each other in March, we’ve…

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Tour Diary: The Nearly Deads Features News Rock Tour Diary 

Tour Diary: The Nearly Deads

What’s up zombies and meows? TJ here reporting from the BraveHeart Tour, featuring my band The Nearly Deads, and L.A crazy-kids Stitched Up Heart! We sure are a long way from Nashville on this run! When we heard that Neo Geo dropped off some of their dates with SUH, we hauled ass to Denver and started our run early! We were met by enthusiastic super-fans who had been anxiously awaiting our very late arrival. That’s what happens when you party with rock stars til 430 am! We had just finished…

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TOUR DIARY #2: Prides Features News Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY #2: Prides

We head to Philadelphia a day early to play an acoustic set at Sofar. Sofar is a great initiative started in London a few years ago, which now appears in pretty much every city in the world. We’ve done one in Glasgow before, so it’s strange to be doing the same thing a few thousand miles away. Sofar stands for ‘songs from a room’, and that’s exactly what it is. Someone offers up their front room as a venue, and bands are invited to do a stripped down set, without…

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TOUR DIARY #1: Prides Features Indie News Tour Diary 

TOUR DIARY #1: Prides

After an intense week of shows at SXSW we head out on tour with RAC. It’s our first time touring the U.S., so we were looking forward to seeing some new places. There’s 5 of us altogether, 3 in the band, plus our manager Ally and front of house Nick, which means for a tight squeeze in our hired SUV, the back of the car packed to the rafters with gear. We start at Dallas. This being the first night of the tour we weren’t sure what to expect, but…

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