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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Brooke

Hi, Infectious readers! I’m Brooke. I have grown to love music deeply, thanks in part to some family members introducing it to me and to growing up in one of the best music eras…ever. Sorry, ’80s purists. Oddly, my parents are not hugely musical people. My father is more of a sports guy and my mom makes the world better each day by being a nurse. Still, I found music, and it makes more sense than anything. The ten songs below will take you through my evolution of music taste,…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Angie

Hello Infectious Readers! I’m Angela Flores. I am 19-years-old and am currently a student at Texas A&M University. I have been writing for Infectious Magazine since June of 2014 and still get excited every time I start writing a piece. I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything. Growing up, music has always been a part of my life. Between listening to my mother’s oldies CD’s and my father’s tejano radio stations, I’ve learned to appreciate different genres of music, regardless of whether or not they’re top hits. Below are…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Adriana

Hey, I’m Adriana Sanchez! I am currently an eighteen year old high school student from Southern California. I  finally began writing about music about a year ago because I like to talk about bands a lot, so I figured why not just write out my thoughts and share it with the good people of the Internet! My love for music came when I was twelve years old. It introduced me to a whole new life where I felt like I belonged. From there, my days were spent searching Youtube for…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Austin

Disclaimer: My Growing Up playlist might be the weirdest grouping of songs you have ever seen. Not to mention their release years just jump from early 2000’s to 1960’s to just last year. In truth, I am still growing up and have a lot of learning to do. However, I can tell you what songs and artists have influenced me the most. In case you were too lazy to scroll to the bottom of this page, my name is Austin Heath and I am an 18-year-old senior in high school….

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Lauren

So, this is the bit where I’m supposed to tell you how important music is to me. I should tell you that since I was little I was addicted to the stuff and that my mom rubbed my gums with Dunlop Lemon Oil when I was fussy as an infant. Ok, so only the first half of that statement is true. But my dad did once give me the Macarena single as a tooth fairy gift when he ran out of quarters…truth. Anyway. I’m an old lady by Infectious standards….

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Growing up Nathan (new) Growing Up Playlists News 

PLAYLIST: Growing Up Nathan

Hey! I’m Nathan Daniel and I’m 19 (not Daniels. I know, I’m a weirdo and I have a first name for a last name). As far as Infectious goes, I’m a bit of a rare breed: I’m the only contributor from the UK. Due to which, part of this may be less familiar for a lot of you Americans! I come from Nottingham (Robin Hood country), but currently live in the Cathedral City, Lincoln, where I study Media Production at university (or college, for you guys). I’m in my second year…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Daniela

Hi everyone! My name is Daniela.  I’m 17 years old and I’ve been writing for Infectious since August. It’s been a really great experience! Since I was born, I’ve been surrounded by music. It’s always been important to my family, whether it was playing music or just listening to it. I remember there was always music playing at my grandma’s house where I spent most of my times. It was usually whatever my uncles were feeling that day, but sometimes it would be collections of music my grandparents had in…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Joe

Hello there, lovely Infectious readers! I’ve had several years’ worth of wonderful adventures in the music industry and last month, Angela Mastrogiacomo was kind enough to hire me to the Infectious Magazine staff as a managing editor. I may be the newbie on the staff but I’m also one of the oldies, as my growing up playlist will reveal. Music is like a best friend to me. It’s always there when you need it, it never judges you, and it evokes an endless number of emotions in your heart. You…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Angela

I guess you could say music is my life. Between founding Infectious Magazine 6 years ago, and running a music public relations company, Muddy Paw PR, my days are quite literally consumed by music and all the beautiful things it encompasses. But believe it or not, I don’t come from a hugely musical family. In fact, except for spinning a lot of Journey albums and sometimes Boyz II Men around the holidays, my parents are not overly into music, and my grandparents well…they still call most of that “noise.” But long…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Sami

Hey guys! My name is Sami! I am 23-years-old and currently reside in the Sunshine State. I have been with Infectious Magazine since September 2013. I am literally living my dream every time I put an article together. I have always been passionate about both music and writing, so when I realized that I could combine the two, there was no stopping me pursuing my dream. When I look back on the life I lived until now, it’s hard for me to think of time when music hasn’t been there….

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