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ALBUM REVIEW : 18th & Addison – ‘Makeshift Monster’ Album Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW : 18th & Addison – ‘Makeshift Monster’

With humble beginnings, forming in 2013/2014, the New Jersey acoustic duo Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto of alternative rock band 18th & Addison set their sights to bring something new and unique to the ever growing music industry. From formerly playing alongside pop-punk musician, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and What’s Eating Gilbert, DiBenedetto met Kunzman and from a few acoustic sets, the band 18th & Addison was formed, bringing both of their musical backgrounds into something new and collaborative. Having a debut EP under their belts, 2015’s Little Parasites, the duo set…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Chrysalis ‘Reminder’ Album Reviews Hardcore Metal News Post-hardcore Reviews Rock 

ALBUM REVIEW: Chrysalis ‘Reminder’

“I will be there through the darkest of your days” is one of those dreamy one-liners that every girl hopes a man (or woman) will coo to her, gripping an acoustic guitar on the deck of a balcony or fireside in a haughty ski resort. Yet it’s the hook in metal band Chrysalis song “Angel,” a warped banger masquerading as a swoonsome confession of unconditional love. Metal isn’t usually associated with such romantic furor, but that’s where the California hardcore outfit swoop in with Reminder, their 11-track  full-length album. The record, released…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lewis Fieldhouse “Theodor Washington and the Central Valley” Album Reviews Reviews Singer/Songwriter 

ALBUM REVIEW: Lewis Fieldhouse “Theodor Washington and the Central Valley”

The past few years have been full of self-discovery for singer-songwriter Lewis Fieldhouse. Few people can pack up their bags and go from the U.K. for California for six weeks. San Francisco was calling and that’s where Fieldhouse went.

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ALBUM REVIEW: One Less Reason, ‘The Memories Uninvited’ Album Reviews Hardcore News Post-hardcore Reviews Rock 

ALBUM REVIEW: One Less Reason, ‘The Memories Uninvited’

After 13 years, One Less Reason has established themselves in the business of the 2000s-era rock ‘n’ roll. Memphis-born and fad-tested, the band has maintained their steadfast sound over the course of seven albums – for better or for worse. Their latest release, The Memories Uninvited, is no exception, stringing together 11 songs of unbridled and revved-up band synergy. The Memories Uninvited comes with a sting of nostalgia. The phrase triggers a different part of the unconscious in every listener, stirring up thoughts and memories once buried deep beyond the ability…

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ALBUM REVIEW: At The Heart Of It ‘you couldn’t stay’ Album Reviews News Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: At The Heart Of It ‘you couldn’t stay’

Over a handful of bands claim to sound like La Dispute or Touché Amore. The thing is, though, none of them really do. Once in a blue moon, a band will release material that actually does sound like these bands, and they almost always exceed our expectations. And, guess what? Today is that day. New Hampshire post-hardcore band, At the Heart of it, bear a striking resemblance to these lucrative, almost unclassifiable bands. The group’s latest EP, you couldn’t stay, is an emotional punch to the gut with a unique…

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ALBUM REVIEW: As Thick As Thieves ‘Whiskey Bent’ Album Reviews Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: As Thick As Thieves ‘Whiskey Bent’

Started out in 2012, As Thick As Thieves began making a name for themselves by touring with bands like Escape the Fate, The Artifact, and Loren Battle. The term ‘hard rock’ doesn’t even begin to describe what the five musicians have created. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like Upon a Burning Body but with their own twist. Their new EP is the big step in making themselves a prominent name in the genre.

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ALBUM REVIEW: On Broken Wings ‘Disintegrator’ Album Reviews News Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: On Broken Wings ‘Disintegrator’

For all those who eagerly jump in the mosh pits at concerts and scream out to get a wall of death started, look no further than the band, On Broken Wings. Formed in 2001, the band spent countless hours crafting only the hardest, most metal, death defying hardcore songs that have ever hit the stage. These five musicians spend their tours with the likes of Killswitch Engage, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Between the Buried and Me.  With four albums already under their belt, their recent release, Disintegrator gives fans something new and exciting to…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Blackout Balter “Twist and Bend” Album Reviews Features Indie News Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: Blackout Balter “Twist and Bend”

What do you think happens when you give your favorite band a demo of your band’s CD? Well if you’re Massachusetts’ Blackout Balter, The Killers will end up loving the demo enough to fly you to their studio to produce your next EP. And that’s exactly what happened. The indie-rock band’s resulting EP, Twist and Bend, is full of brilliantly crafted music that twists and bends in all the right places.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Heyrocco ‘Waiting On Cool’ Album Reviews Alternative Indie Reviews Rock 

ALBUM REVIEW: Heyrocco ‘Waiting On Cool’

 In the heart of Charleston, South Carolina lies the home of alternative rock band, Heyrocco. Let me tell you—they’ve got one of the most versatile sounds that could land them anywhere on the map, South Carolina just happens to be lucky enough to have them. They recently released their highly anticipated EP, Waiting On Cool, and it seems that the title is just what we’ve all been doing.

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