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REVIEW: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention ‘The Lost Broadcast’

What is The Lost Broadcast? It’s a filmed rehearsal of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention at the Beat Club in Bremen, Germany, recorded on the 6th of October 1968 (years before I was born, My dad was only five at time so it would not have made much sense if I was pottering about) which was never broadcast, aside from the last 35 minutes, which aired in Germany during 1970. Please follow and like us:

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DVD REVIEW: The Dirties

The Dirties is a movie that, for the lack of a better analogy, punches you in the face  and demands your attention. It’s a film that is kind of hard to completely understand and appreciate with just one watch, so that probably explains why I’ve watched it close to a gazillion times. The Dirties is an independent film by Canadian filmmaker Matt Johnson, and it chronicles the life of two best friends who are constantly bullied and then plot revenge against those who have bullied them. The three-disc special limited…

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LIVE REVIEW: Cory Branan

Everyone has heard the horror stories. You’re friend went to LA and met her favorite movie star and guess what, he sucked. What a jerk. Or that time you waited behind the venue in the torrential downpour for your favorite musician to come out and when he did he flicked his cigarette at your feet and pretended not to see you. Makes it tough to listen to his album on the way to work the next day, doesn’t it? We can’t help but form opinions on artists when we connect…

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11 Best Movies About Music

Some of us like music. Some of us like movies… Okay, who am I kidding? We all love both and there’s no denying it. And what’s better than mixing two of our favorite things together into one – the lovely genre that is musical or music-based movies, of which there are plenty to choose from. There are those that are purely musical (you know, where there’s hardly any real talking and it’s a singing conversation), those that are inspired by bands, those that are about bands, those about people with…

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FILM REVIEW: The Dirties

Here’s the thing about The Dirties. Upon first viewing as you watch the credits roll, it’s hard not to contemplate everything you’ve seen, trying to digest it all. You walk away from it fully recognizing it for the brilliant film it is. But then the next day it hits you harder. And the day after that—harder still. It is one of those films that sits with you long after the final credits have rolled, and for me, I think that’s one of the most impressive traits of film; when it…

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