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Celebrating 13 Years of Fall Out Boy’s Take This To Your Grave

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FOBThere comes a time when any iconic album from a band hit’s a new milestone, let it be copies sold, audience approval or simply just being another year in existence. For pop-punk bands 13 years ago was May 6th, 2003, the kids of Fall Out Boy from Chicago, Illinois released Take This To Your Grave, their debut full-length record and their lives were forever changed.

Take This To Your Grave was pivotal to launching an early Fall Out Boy’s massive career, to beginning to tour across the nation and even having a 5-day show on Warped Tour 2004 as well as the album also playing a huge part in creating the band we all know and love today. Let’s just take a jump back to 2003 Fall Out Boy,from when Patrick Stump was chubby, Pete Wentz had his signature fringe, playing basement shows and touring in a van… the worlds’ adolescents would soon bask in glory of these pop punk emo kings.

Not only was this the album that gave Fall Out Boy their iconic sound and pop punk titles, it also started their dynamic as a band. Frontman, Patrick Stump, had previously written all prior lyrics and took them lightly, while bassist, Pete Wentz ,took the process with a considerable seriousness and would often pick apart his bandmates lyrics, thus starting Wentz’s notable position in the band as a major contributor to lyrics. In Wentz’s own published novel Gray, the narrator talks about the process of writing lyrics (and later the growth of fame) reflecting on the time period when the first album was written. He even writes some notable lines from various songs in his narrative throughout the story, which makes the read fun for any fan of the band. Often showcasing that the lyrics are a part of his character through and through, making any FOB song especially the earlier ones on TTTYG very much so a reflection from Wentz himself.

So what makes this album so iconic? It’s legacy amongst longtime fans.

The fans that have followed Fall Out Boy from garages to now sold out area tours, Take This To Your Grave still holds a special place in each fan’s heart. Many reviews show the album with a lot of respect, as with 13 years, the record continues to live on and spark something within each coming generation. From angsty lyrics to screams to nonstop energy, Take This To Your Grave has it  all for a pop punk record. From hits like “Grand Theft Autumn”, “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago” and even the song that Fall Out Boy still tend to close out every show with, “Saturday”(which still goes down as my favorite FOB song of all time, check the video after the jump!), the album continues to prove it’s legacy amongst fans, the pop punk scene and within the band themselves.

So celebrate another year of this fantastic album by purchasing Take This To Your Grave or any Fall Out Boy cd here and check out Fall Out Boy on tour here


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