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Coat Check Girl Sheds Light On Venezuela’s Bleak Reality With New Song “Yellow/Blue/Red”

coat check girl headerYou may not keep up with international current events, and that’s fine. However, that is not the case for Los Angeles based rock quartet Coat Check Girl, who are finding the events are hitting way too close to home. The band, who grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, recently put out a song titled “Yellow/Blue/Red,” and, according to front man Andre Rodriguez, it is “the most powerful song” the band has written.

For those who do not understand the title, it refers to the colors of the Venezuelan flag, and the song is structured around what each color represents.

You can listen to “Yellow/Blue/Red” and read a full statement from Rodriguez about the song and the on-going situation in Venezuela after the jump.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase any of their singles here.

Coat Check Girl is currently competing in the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands. You can vote for them and up their Buzz Rating here. They have another competition show on May 10th in Fullerton, California. Check out the poster for the show for all the details after the jump as well.

The song “Yellow/Blue/Red” is the most powerful song we’ve ever written as a band. The lyrical content is the one of which I am most proud, as I spoke from the heart about how I feel and what I, as a Venezuelan, went through.

The title is a reference to the colors of the Venezuelan flag and the song’s lyrics are structured around each individual color. Each color represents something we had lost and everything we lost makes the colors more vibrant. 

For the past 16 years Venezuela has been kidnapped by a neo-communist movement led by the Castro brothers from Cuba.  The violations perpetrated by this movement continue to this very day. 

Hugo Chavez implanted an economic, social, and political system that has failed in every single country throughout history.  The system allows the government the right to take over everything, annihilates rights and private property in order to gain complete control of the country. 

With the death of Chavez, Nicolas Maduro took over power by “winning” the so-called presidential elections established after Chavez’s death. I emphasize the sarcasm on “winning,” because, like I mentioned before, all powers are controlled by this corrupt, entrenched government, including the Electoral College in charge of counting the votes. When the referee is playing for one of the teams on the field, it is clear that the opposing team is going to lose. 

It is also a misconception to believe that elections cannot lead to dictatorship and tyranny. Let’s not forget that everything that Hitler did was “legal” at the time in Germany.  

Now Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The level of insecurity has affected nearly every single person with Venezuelan nationality, including even I who no longer reside in my home country. I have an abundance of friends and family members who have been directly affected by this fear and instability. Two of my uncles, two of my cousins and six of my closest friends have been kidnapped.  I have other friends who have been tortured by Venezuela’s National Guard for protesting against the government.  The list of atrocities manufactured by the dictatorship continues to grow.   

As a piece of art documenting this reality, “Yellow/Blue/Red” is more than a song to me. It’s a proclamation. 

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