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Davy & Amelia: ‘The Norah June’ EP

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Davy & AmeliaPicture, for a moment, if you will, sitting down to watch a movie. The screen is black, and then an image flicks across. Maybe it’s the view from a car as it drives through a sleepy town. A song plays that sets the mood for the rest of the film. It will either excite you, pull you in, or disappoint you from the start. The first song in a movie holds more power than anyone ever gives it credit for, and the same can be said for the first song of an EP or an album.

“The Summer” is a brilliant way to start off the EP, with an energy that is reminiscent of a first summer love, and the opening credits of an indie film that makes you smile. There is something about the booming, energetic chorus that makes this song so wonderful; the declaration of love, in a non-typical manner. Add in the clapping and stomping, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Davy & Amelia with this track alone.

Fading in, “1,000 Miles” carries the same startling beauty as its predecessor. The melody itself is stunning, but the back and forth of the vocals narrating a story of adolescent love really brings it to a new height. It’s a soft and sweet song, which may or may not be the perfect anthem for anyone in a long-distance relationship. There is an underlying sadness of being separated, but the appreciation for what is between the couple brings an overall light-hearted, loving tone.

“Mountain Movers” may be my favorite track, just for the beats and folksy-style the duo have given it. In all truthfulness, this is a song that may be an inspiration for many, making them want to get up and move mountains. As if to emphasize that point, they have military-like drums playing at one point, with group vocals (which most of you know I’m a total sucker for). “Abandon all your fears, the sun is shining,” Davy & Amelia remind listeners, and it’s a message that rings loud, clear, and with perfect timing for this listener.

The title track, “Norah June,” is the final track that finishes off the EP with the same charm that “The Summer” started it with. Lyrically, it reminds me of The Maine’s “Don’t You Ever Give Up (On Us),” with a almost-folksy edge. As a song named for the couple’s unborn daughter, it’s the message every parent should hope to give their child, documenting their love story as a family, and letting her know that they’ll be there for her in everything she does.

The Norah June EP has something that many people don’t even seem to have anymore—a soul. Davy & Amelia bring so much heart to every line, that it’s impossible not to connect to each song. The duo have captured a spectrum of experiences and emotions, as well as richly decorated with metaphors and vivid descriptions that read like a well-written novel. More than that, each track possesses an infectious, anthemic energy that makes it stand out.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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