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Deathwish Records Summer Festival

Deathwish incDeathwish, Inc. will be holding its first summer festival this year. Some of the bands playing the two-day festival are Code Orange Kids, Modern Life Is War, Self Defense Family and many more. Check out a statement from Deathwish and the event poster below, after the jump.

Deathwish is a hardcore record label based out of Massachusetts. It is an independent label that Jacob Bannon and Tre McCarthy founded in 1999. Some of the bands signed to the label are Code Orange Kids, Deafheaven, Harm’s Way, Touché Amoré along with a variety of others.

The Deathwish Fest will be held at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts on July 22 and 23. It will be $20 for a single-day ticket and $50 for a two-day ticket. You can buy concert tickets here once they’re available on April 11. And, in the meantime, purchase a CD from one or more of the artists signed to Deathwish!

We are proud to announce a two night Deathwish event July 22nd and 23rd at The Sinclair in Cambridge MA, featuring exclusively Deathwish affiliated artists. This is the first in a series of Deathwish Events that will happen in the future worldwide.”


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