Sparks The Rescue/ Like Moths to Flames/ Hit The Lights/D.R.U.G.S Review

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Photo Credit: Mike Guiliani

The scene is set here at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston MA, with indie-punk rockers, Sparks the Rescue, about to take the stage. The crowd is of seemingly all flavors, only a tour with so many different bands that speak to the same points but in so many different ways could bring out the broad spectrum here tonight. Personally, I remember listening to a lot of Sparks the Rescue back in highschool, and now that I’m old enough to drink and, well, do what ever I want for the most part, its incredibly refreshing to catch them on a tour like this, speaking to teens and the older crowd that spent years listening to them, alike. They play a high energy set, beefing up songs like “Getting Clean in the Dirty South” in anticipation for Like Moths to Flames and the headliner here tonight, D.R.U.G.S.

Next up is Like Moths to Flames. Here are some guys that sit on the outside edge of the teen angst ridden world, bordering the emotional heavy picture of screamo/punk with heavy breakdowns and a relentlessly pounding drive that seems to carry the crowd surfer and moshers through each song.

I think one of the biggest noticeable variances on the tour as far as bands go was Hit the Lights. Especially tailing such a powerful force of an act such as Like Moths to Flames, Hit the Lights fills an essential gap in the emotional sphere of this tour with an equally expressive sound. Between the catchy hooks and belted choruses, Hit the Lights’ energy is astounding, never letting the level drop and fully embracing the crowd with their uber punk/pop sound.

Now the moment this audience has been waiting so diligently for, as D.R.U.G.S. takes the stage. Now, being at this show should indicate that you understand who D.R.U.G.S. is. Understandably, there were many great bands at this venue tonight but as Craig Owens takes the stage, the audience nearly explodes with excitement. Craig Owens, formerly of Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise and others has definitely made his name known amongst the incredibly competitive field of screamo front men, conquering the down and dirty realms between “post-hardcore” and rock and punk, all the while leaving his delightfully crazed personality all over the scene. Speaking of screaming, Owens promptly grabs the microphone and bellows out a gutturally primal scream as the rest of the band kicks in behind him, carrying the vocalist’s expression to the back of the venue and beyond. Not a single stone was left unturned at this concert tonight, between the catchy hooks and aggressive performances of the bands, audience members will go home not just happy, but reassured that some of their favorites continue to do what they do.

Check out our interview with D.R.U.G.S , Sparks the Rescue , and Hit the Lights!

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