East Is East “Provenance” Review

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Let’s just say upfront, that I love an album with a good intro. In the case of East Is East it’s a very somber moment with what one can only imagine are the sounds of keys jingling and cars leaving, signifying the end of something….yet the beginning of one incredibly entrancing album. It is this intro, which first pulls you into their album “Provenance. ”

From the first song, “Arrivals and Departures” there is a very natural feel to the album.  You know how sometimes you listen to an album and you feel as though the two of you are old friends? That you’ve spent several car rides jamming out to swift guitar tones and sturdy drumming. There is no adjustment period, no uncertainty or apprehension, just the perfect soundtrack of familiarity….that’s exactly how “Provenance” makes its listeners feel.

The album is filled with strong musical harmony, and clean musicianship. As upbeat as the album is, “100 Mile Miss” is a much different tone than the rest, and although it’s nearly impossible to properly explain the slow, almost ‘western’ style twang that it gives off in sections, you have to know, it’s absolutely one of the best songs on the album.

And while “100 Mile Miss” demonstrates unique guitar tones, “Headlights” takes it in another direction all together, with a much slower vibe, and clear, earnest vocals which are seemingly raw and unfiltered; proving once again that East is East is a drastically diverse band not afraid to expose themselves and experiment with the public’s taste as well as their own.

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