The Electric Modern Interview!

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Infectious Magazine: Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

The Electric Modern: Very well thanks! Busy as always. Working on new material and practicing for our next run of shows.

IM: Your EP, Motives just came out! If you could write a review for your new album, what would you say?

The Electric Modern: Erm… I guess without giving ourselves too much credit I’d say:

A fabulous, record with a unique, endearing quality that pulls you in like a tractor beam then subsequently clutches your mind with a warm embrace; releasing endless amounts of endorphins thus giving the listener a magical, unforgettable audio experience………

Just kidding…. It’s a 3 track EP showcasing fresh and honest indie rock from the U.K. The songs are full of hooks, catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics that hopefully most people can relate to. The songs have an uplifting feel and the choruses always take the songs to the next level. The layered strings and synths add a new dynamic to the indie pop feel. They will hopefully strike a chord with the listener and leave a lasting impression!

IM: How has the response been so far, from fans and critics alike?

The Electric Modern: It’s been great! We’re really pleased with how the record turned out and the response has been brilliant. It’s puts you in such a good place as a musician when you get such a positive reaction.

Live shows have been really special recently as people have been singing along and shouting out for the tracks to be played!

We’re still working hard and trying to get our name out there so every bit of exposure and praise is very much appreciated!!!

IM: You’ve had a lot of exposure through Internet radio, blogs, etc. How do you think the industry is changing?

The Electric Modern: Well with the emergence of file sharing, Facebook, Soundcloud and blogs etc there are now more ways to get your music out there and (hopefully!) listened to.

You’ve now got some really good, honest and influential music blogs that support independent music and put it out there for music lovers to discover. The same with radio. BBC introducing and Amazing Radio are two great examples of radio stations that actively encourage, support and promote new and unsigned artists.

Of course the artists still need to have passion, dedication and talent but it’s really nice to have these newer platforms and avenues to help forge a career.

We would however say that Live music is still very important to us so we do feel that it’s an integral part of being in a band and helps to create a different connection with fans.

IM: How would you like to be a part of the change?

The Electric Modern: We like to think we’re very much apart of it. Without these blogs, online radio and other areas of the industry it would be much harder to exist in this current climate.

Basically we’re on board. We don’t fear change 🙂

IM: How did each of you personally get into playing music?

The Electric Modern: Well we all came from different backgrounds with different inspirations.  Dean has being playing guitar since he was 10, studied music at college and has been in several bands which has put his creative streak to good use in song writing since his mid teens. Jon has been drumming most of his life in several different shows and gigs, and Henry has being playing bass  for a long time now and also sessions too. Adam has primarily been a pianist from a young age but also a guitarist and producer, having studied music technology at university, so that helps when it comes to recording. Vocally Dean and Adam really click and have a great connection, which really benefits the band.

Basically it all works extremely well when we come together to write our tunes!

IM: What is one thing you’d like fans to know about The Electric Modern?

The Electric Modern: We’re nice chaps that write honest tunes that can hopefully be the soundtrack to whatever you’re going through at the time! Music that you connect to! We really enjoy playing our shows, it’s about the music and having fun and we want fans to be a part of that.

IM: What’s in the future for you?

The Electric Modern: Hopefully keeping busy. Writing lots more music, recording new songs and touring. We have a video for our single ‘Time to Reflect’ on its way in the next couple of weeks so we’re really excited about that.

There’ll be a new single available soon, which we are hard at work on at the moment, so everyone should keep in touch and up to date with our Facebook page.

We’d love to get on tour with a few bands and play some Uk festivals too. Onwards and upwards hopefully!

IM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The Electric Modern: Well just to say thanks to you too and please keep in touch! Big thanks to all who listen to us and read about us.

We’d like to leave our links so people can come find us, get to know us and be our friends!

You can also check out The Electric Modern’s music video for “Making Conversation” here!  

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