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ALBUM REVIEW: Modern Chemistry ‘Everything In Gold’

everything in gold modern chemistry

“It’s only a matter of time before Modern Chemisty release a full-length album,” I said in 2013. And in 2014. Then again in 2016.

The New Jersey-based alternative band is made up of Joe Zorti on vocals and guitar, Brendan Hourican on guitar, and Jesse Slachman on drums. It’s July of 2017 and the band is (finally) gearing up to release their debut full-length after three well-recieved EPs.

Everything In Gold is due out on July 8 and is the product of years of hard work, a clear vision, and a dedication to exploring and building up their sound.

Title track “Everything In Gold” sets the tone for the entire album. It builds up slowly and hazily before bursting into complete bliss as Zorzi sings about how he wants everything in gold.

“The Moment” carries on the momentum of the previous song. It features intricate harmonies and a story about getting caught up in the moment and it eventually coming back to haunt you.

I believe there’s something left in me to see, I just keep getting lost in the moment,” they sing in the chorus followed by questions like “Am I giving it all that it’s worth? Am I giving it all I’ve got left?

I’ve come to associate Modern Chemistry with beautiful lyricism and gleaming soundscapes. This is particularly evident in “Tripping Over You.” The song stands out among the others and flows seamlessly as subdued melodies echo in the background of each verse.

The band put their hearts on their sleeves in “St. Rain,” a sonically pleasing track that transitions between mellow, flowy verses and heavy choruses. “I Can’t Take Myself Anywhere” changes things up with its slow paced, guitar-driven edge, while “Wallpaper” is another highlight that slowly blossoms into a fast-paced banger.

“Fever Dream” has a simple song structure that puts its focus soley on the storyline. As the title suggests, the track sounds like an acoustic lullaby with soft fingerpicking layered over soothing lyrics. How can you say you’re somehow better off where you are? How can you say that you won’t let me down again, like before?” Zori asks as the song fades away, just as quickly as it began.

Songs like “It’s Been A While (Demons)” and “Tradewinds” prove that for every sad song, Modern Chemistry can peg down a hopeful one. “I know I can carry the weight sometimes, I know I get lost in my own mind,” they sing in “Tradewinds.”

These last two songs see Modern Chemistry bringing together everything that has made this album so endearing—their harmonies, instrumental intricacies, and passionate narratives.

It’s felt like forever waiting for Modern Chemistry to release their debut full-length album. The wait was long, but the effort surely paid off.

In their opening song, the band pleaded that they “want everything in gold.” I’m not sure if that’s possible, but one thing I do know is that Modern Chemistry’s debut album Everything In Gold is most certainly gold.

To hear more from Modern Chemistry, you can preorder or purchase a CD here.

In mid-July, Modern Chemistry is hitting the road with Taking Back Sunday and Everytime I Die.  To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

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