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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: PushFire “Grey” (RIYL: Thrice, The Receiving End of Sirens)

PushFireInfectious Magazine has partnered with post-hardcore outfit PushFire to bring you the world premiere of their new track, “Grey,”recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Brian Moore at Redbooth Recording Studios.

Having undergone a recent name change, lineup shift, and let’s be honest, probably a little soul searching along the way, the boys of PushFire (formerly Beneath The Words) are back better than ever.

“With all the changes this band has gone through, mainly over the past 2 years, we wanted a name that was simple, easy to remember and that each member could be proud to say they were a part of,” explains guitarist Zack Brooks, “PushFire is that name.”

The band has also launched an IndieGoGo to support their upcoming debut release. Prizes include the usual goodies like CDs, stickers, and t-shirts, as well as some quirky gifts like shot glasses, water bottle, and even a spot on the record! Check out the release, along with our Q&A with the band below.

Q: For those not familiar, can you introduce us to the band, each member, and their role in the band?

A: Absolutely. PushFire is a 5 piece rock band from Clifton Springs, NY consisting of Zack Brooks (Myself), Tyler Brooks, Bill Beck, Jake Saracino and James Ralls. I (Zack) play guitar and sing backup vocals, Tyler also plays guitar and sings backup vocals, Bill is our lead singer, Jake is our bassist and back up vocalist and James plays drums. No bells and whistles here. Just good, powerful, meaningful music.

Q: You recently underwent a name change from Beneath The Words to PushFire. What inspired that change?

A: The name Beneath the Words was a name that we held on to for a long time just because it was “there.” No one really liked it at all, plus it never seemed like a very marketable name nor was it easy to say to people. It was quite a mouthful, it never inspired us, and never embodied us as a band collectively. After we acquired Bill as a lead singer (with it actually being the 4th line up change since we formed the band originally), we felt that we obviously weren’t the same band we once were, nor we were making the caliber of music that we were previously as Beneath The Words. We were a fresh act, so we thought a fresh name to go along with it would revitalize our creativity and passion for what we like to do. It took us a long, long time but after a ton frustration we finally landed on PushFire.

Q: This new track, “Grey” is the first you’ve released under your new name. Can we expect more of this sound from PushFire?

A: I’d like to say “Yes, absolutely you can!” but chances are on the yet-to-be-named full length album, you’ll find a few songs that sound like “Grey,” and a few songs that don’t sound like “Grey”! When we write songs, we don’t write for a genre or create rules for ourselves, we write what we like and what we think sounds great. So while there might be some songs that sound similar and some that are very different, you’ll find that it is still very much PushFire.

Q: You’ve recently launched an IndieGoGo. Tell us a little about that.

A: Our IndieGoGo is going to be SO vital for the success of our album, recording is an extremely expensive process and while we’re no strangers to funding our own things, it would certainly help us out very, very much to get everyone’s help. We have a lot of great perks for donating and want to do our contributors justice for their donation. We’ve got the usual T-Shirts, CD’s, and Stickers but there’s some other very cool opportunities for our fans to experience the album in a different way and experience us as musicians in a unique way as well. You can check it out HERE or go to our Facebook page for more details!

Q: What’s in the future for PushFire?

A: If all goes well, a music video, a batch of new merchandise, touring, and much more media for our fans. Growing our fan base and getting our music out there is the number one priority. We want to get our music to everyone’s ears and give them something fresh in the very saturated music scene that is Rochester, New York.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: We have a show coming up at the Spacebar in Canandaigua NY on July 18th. We have tickets for purchase from the band members, so please don’t hesistate to contact us on our Facebook page if you’re interested. They’re 10 dollars per ticket. Other than that, just a huge shout out to Muddy Paw PR for helping us out so tremendously, and a huge thank you to anyone who’s listened to our music, downloaded it, stolen it, whatever. If you took the time to listen to even 10 seconds of a song, thank you! We couldn’t do this with out your support. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to do what we love to do.

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