Exclusive split LP from No Funeral and Livid

a3669704012_16Are you a fan of metal music? Do you or a friend have a growing vinyl collection? Then this exclusive collaboration of Minnesota metal artists No Funeral and Livid is just the thing to bring that extra punch to your records and music loving ears.

From both bands having heavy influences of the death metal scene and having unique styles all to their own, this LP is one that will surely be unique in a collection. The exclusive vinyl leads the way with No Funeral, bringing heavy riffs while Livid uses their talents to draw the listener into an expansive universe of sound. Some reviewers such as Two Guys Metal have spoken stating, “When it comes down to it this is a great split because not only does it combine likeminded bands from a similar geographical region but it gives us a unique look at both bands… When all is said and done it’s a pleasure to lose yourself in these things and I’m very curious to see how both bands evolve!”.

Be one of those with the limited edition LP split now by purchasing the vinyl here or check out No Funeral and Livid via social media or Bandcamp.

No Funeral –  | Bandcamp| Facebook |

Livid – | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook |

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