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Fall Out Boy Flappy Bird Parody Not To Be Made Available For iPhone

FallOutBoy1-1-290x164Although we reported last week that Fall Out Bird, a Fall Out Boy version of the hugely popular Flappy Bird app, was going to be released, now we sadly have to say that iPhone users most likely will not get the chance to play the game after all.

Apple has taken a stand against any apps that are said to be copying an original app that’s already in existence, and the company claimed that people are attempting to use the popularity of the original Flappy Bird app to benefit themselves.

After the original and very short-lived app was deleted by its creator, people who still had the app on their devices were reportedly selling their phones on ebay for thousands of dollars. People took notice of this and quickly tried to make parody apps for people to purchase instead, but it looks like these efforts were as short-lived as the game itself.

Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones who still have the app on your phone and can continue to indulge in the incredibly frustrating — but absolutely addictive — game!

In happier news, Fall Out Boy is set to go on tour in a few weeks. To see them live, make sure you buy concert tickets here. You can also purchase a CD here.  

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