Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman Reddit AMA

Fall Out Boy 2013Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman recently did a Reddit AMA. You can find some of the answers after the jump, purchase a CD or vinyl of Save Rock and Roll here and buy concert tickets here.


FOB used to be a hard band for me to write in. I would write the occasional song with Patrick (Pros and Cons & Atavan Halen). But normally Patrick and Pete would get so ahead of themselves, and excited about completing songs, they’d leave little room for Andy and I. Hence the small amount of writing contributions on our older stuff. I mostly just wrote guitar parts into the songs for that timeframe.I suppose it was a reason I needed time away to do other bands/projects. I write a stupid amount of songs, and I had to get it all out. So I got a lot of it out, and it helped me to reassert myself in FOB.

Coming back into it, we restructured how we write. I wrote a good amount of music on SRR with Patrick, at least half the record. Andy doesn’t tend to want to write, not that he can’t. He’s a talented guy. It’s just not a major moving factor for him. However, he sings a lot of backgrounds on this record, which is different than usual.

As it stands now, Patrick and I write things on our own (musically) and trade them back and forth, sometimes adding to or completing each others thoughts. Sometimes Pete and I will have an musical idea and I’ll send it to him, and he’ll send it to Patrick. Same happens, and has always happened, with him and Patrick. Now I just get added into that process. Lyrics are a Pete thing that get handled by Patrick.

I work with lyrics in my other bands to varying degrees. But this one (FOB) is more delicate and specific, and I respect that. I’m more of a music guy anyway. That’s where I make the most sense in this band when we write.

There are definitely guitars and drums in that song. It’s slathered all over it. I’m surprised when people say this, it’s as if they’re not listening for it. Or maybe they’re listening for something very specific. I don’t know. It’s all there, in spades.

If rock music is a specific one thing, then you’re missing the point. Rock music was a bastard child of the blues and jazz. It has always been about mixing ideas, cultures, pushing boundaries and thinking completely outside of the box.

It doesn’t mean rock can’t/shouldn’t sound exactly like Cream, the Beatles, the Stooges, Metallica or whomever is usually classified in a rock standard rock pantheon. But if that’s all that gets made in the “rock” spectrum from here on out, then you might as well say goodbye to rock as a real force.

Truth be told, a lot of bands that imitate that are being very safe. Rock should be about progression.

Tony Visconti (producer behind many classic rock artist such as Bowie, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, Iggy Pop and many more) recently said this in a NY Times article:

“Rock n roll is like dixieland jazz now. Its an old art form. For years, hip hop was the new rock n roll. Even that’s getting a little conservative. Once people get rich doing what they do, they get conservative. You might have this spirit in you from when you were a kid, but’s it’s not the angst and anger that got you there.”

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