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FEATURE: What It’s Really Like To Win A Meet And Greet

Have you ever heard of a 94-cent show? A 94-cent show with VIP tickets? Well, 94.7 PDX Radio put on an “I Saw Them When” show with My Goodness headlining. I won the VIP tickets.

A Very Important Person gets perks: free albums, vinyl or CD, a meet & greet, and a sneak peak at an empty venue (this was my favorite part). The Crystal Ballroom looks like an old west saloon, that is until you get to the third floor, the actual ballroom. The place looks like it came out of a palace, think Anastasia singing “Once Upon a December.” You just expect to see a full orchestra white gloves, full suit with cummerbunds, playing a waltz. The idea that it’s a rock band, tattoos and all…so Portland.

Willamette Weekly gave out half a dozen VIP tickets and each of us brought a plus one, so there were probably about twenty people in the room. There were no barriers, the ballroom was ours. It didn’t feel as intimate as I expected. We probably could have gone up to the front of the stage, but it would have been like crossing over onto something sacred. Rock and roll is a religion, after all.

Getting a personal concert, which included one of my favorite songs, “Cold Feet Killer,” and a sneak peak of one of their new songs. By the end of that short set, everyone in the room was a My Goodness fan. The band members then introduced themselves and led us downstairs to sign the albums we had been given. It was short and sweet. Here the Crystal Ballroom revealed another secret. Behind a glass window on the second floor, the signing floor, there were HUGE kegs, no idea if they were full or not, but they were covered in art. It wasn’t graffiti, but paintings, ones you would find at the Louvre or the British Museum. Leave it to Portland to have a fine art kegger. And, in that same vein, we all got 21+ bracelets so we could return to the venue. I gotta say, if this is 21, eight months can’t go fast enough.

When we got back to the venue after dinner, we got to stand in a special roped off VIP section before reentering. Many people tried joining the line, but I’d tap them on the shoulder and say “this is VIP, but the line is over there.” I’ve always wanted to do that.

Come see the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon if you have a chance. I’m sorry if all you see are crowds screaming for their favorite band cause, damn it’s beautiful!

Be sure to read the review of the show itself here.

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