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Finding The Right Fit For Your Label

One of the most crucial aspects of running a label is signing the right bands. You need to see talent where others don’t, and then know how to capitalize on it. The first time I heard about Household was from one of Blood & Ink’s former bands, Comrades. Joe, the guitarist/vocalist, told me they were young, but brought something really special to the table.

After a few emails with Household, I took a trip up to northern Virginia to see them open a show for Comrades in someone’s garage. There was a small crowd of 20-30 high-schoolers and 20-somethings who had never heard either of the bands before. The response that night was impressive. There were people dancing, and loads of photo-taking. I remember Household being a bit stand-offish when I first met them, but the ice soon broke and their performance was pure passion.

A lot of people in the music industry talk about this thing they can see when a band “has it.” For me, Household had that “it” factor from the beginning. There was a charisma about them that was so impactful when we started working with them in the beginning, which helped them build a foundation for their following. While they still hadn’t quite realized a vision for their sound, they knew what it meant to make genuine connections with the people they played for and interacted with. I wanted Blood & Ink to be a part of that movement they were building.

Since signing the band, our relationship has been a very organic experience. Household has always had an idea of how they wanted their sound or image to be—our job has been to magnify that by using the resources and connections we have as a label. They have always been very self-sustained and self-managed, so that always helps make the work experience that much more cohesive.

However, as anyone who works in the music industry knows, things aren’t always easy. The biggest challenge with Household was getting them to understand that things just don’t happen overnight when working with so many different people involved on a project. When we were releasing their first EP, With Or Without, they booked a release show five days after they got final artwork and masters over to us. Thankfully, we have a great relationship with our manufacturing plant and they were able to pull some strings for us.

But as with everything in life, working with Household has been an ever-evolving learning experience for everyone involved. In the future I see them continuing to make more of those aforementioned genuine connections. Right now, they are direct support for A Lot Like Birds’ North American headlining tour—I see more of that happening, as well. In the punk and hardcore scenes, I usually get weary when a band just “gets big.” I truly see Household having a natural, healthy growth that will keep them around for years to come and I’m thankful Blood & Ink has been able to provide our experience, connections and guidance to help them navigate through their early years.

To learn more about Blood & Ink Records, you can check them out on all their socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

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