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Five Songs For Romantics

love-177785_640People think that all love songs have to be sappy, syrupy messes. And while there is something to be said for those hearts-and-flowers-type songs, they don’t all have to be that way. People need to remember that there are many different types of love, so why should there only be one type of love song? The ones in this list vary in style, but all have love at their core…in one way or another. Check out the list after the jump.

1. “Still Into You” – Paramore

This song is equal parts sugar, catchy pop beats, and staring into the eyes of your crush. Simply put: it’s the love song to end all love songs.

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2. “Into Your Arms” – The Maine

Yes, it’s the song that haunted your dreams in middle school. It has every terrible metaphor you could think of, and yet, there is still something sad about it. Like when that guy didn’t like you back and you thought your life was over – that brand of sadness.

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3. “Come Home” – Tonight Alive

If you’re missing your loved one, this is the song for you. And if you just broke up but didn’t want to? This song will make you cry. It has a great chorus that will get stuck in your head, and it’s worth listening to this girl sing.

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4. “Kiss Me Again” – We Are The In Crowd

For those who want to come out of the friend zone, but are firmly situated there.

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5. “First Date” – Blink 182

This song perfectly captures the anticipation of a first date. Palms sweaty, lips dry, and brain barely functioning? This song is definitely what’s running through your mind.

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