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REVIEW: The Fire and Ice Tour: Worcester, MA Live Reviews 

REVIEW: The Fire and Ice Tour: Worcester, MA

We Came As Romans have been picking up momentum since their second label release, Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be. Recently, they played a slew of dates across the globe and embarked on a tour across the United States. In March, their second headlining tour since the album came out, The Fire and Ice Tour, kicked off. I attended the Worcester, MA date. The venue is buzzing with anticipation. This is one solid lineup, and the fans know it. This is also the first We Came As Romans headlining show in Massachusetts.  Every sound coming from the instruments being checked causes the audience to go wild and hope for the speedy arrival of the bands.

The Color Morale kicks things off as vocalist Garret Rapp performs with heart and energy. He also offers words of inspiration to the crowd, telling them to always connect to music and follow your passion in music if you have a message to give to someone. He also insists the fans are the reason they perform each day.

Next, Woe, Is Me takes the stage. Recently, the band had to deal with the departures of vocalist Michael Bohn, vocalist/keyboard player Ben Ferris and bassist Cory Ferris. Stepping up and filling in for the tour is bassist Brian Medley and That’s Outrageous! Screamer Doriano Magliano. Despite these challenges, the band delivers a solid performance. The set is full of electronic samples to get people excited. Overall, an interesting and well executed performance.

Blessthefall are next to take the stage. They never disappoint, as lead singer Beau Bokan always provides a good time when on stage. They play songs from all three of their albums, though the majority of the set is off their latest release, Awakening. Bokan and vocalist Jared Warth, not only sound great, but are constantly energetic and engaging with the crowd.
Now it’s Emmure’s turn to perform, and although they could be more interactive with the crowd, they do sound good live. They, too, play an array of songs from their vast releases. Their guitarists are tight and play some strange, but challenging riffs and chugs. Their musicianship is the highlight of their performance.

After four performances, the crowd is itching to see the headliner. The wait feels very drawn out, as it always does when waiting for “the main event.” The sound checks and people coming on stage cause various screams of anticipation. Finally, the band arrives, one by one. We Came As Romans takes the stage and the crowd raises their now unified voice louder than they have for the entire show. The band goes on to deliver a solid, energizing performance full of sing-a-longs, hits from both records, and crowd interaction. Both Kyle Pavone and David Stephens do not disappoint. They play more recent material, and songs that were missing from their headliner just a few months earlier. Overall, it is one of the most enjoyable concerts I’ve seen at the Palladium.

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