Frank Iero And Ray Toro To Appear On Reggie And The Full Effect Album

reggie-albumartFormer My Chemical Romance guitarists, Frank Iero and Ray Toro, have officially confirmed that they will appear on the new Reggie and the Full Effect album, No Country For Old Musicians. To the left, is the artwork for the track listing, which you can check out below.

The album is set to drop on November 19th, just in time for your Thanksgiving holiday.

Toro is on two tracks on the album playing guitar, and the album will also feature Taking Back Sunday vocalist, Adam Lazzara, and Allison Weiss on guest vocals.

Purchase a CD here or buy concert tickets here.

1. introduction
2. super croc vs mega doosh
3. 37
4. fowlin’ around
5. revenge is a dish best served at Park Chan-Wook’s
6. guerrera
7. gimme back my leg
8. robo fonzie meets frank
9. who needs another drank feat- floppy disk-0
10. a funny thing happened on the way to Ralph’s
11. sundae, booty sundae, feat- fluxuation
12. kanji tattoos still in style
13. we make a breakfast
14. to the fruit wizards of donnington
15. DMV featuring common denominator
16. disregard
17. danka shane

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