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Friday The 13th Warped Tour Playlist

WarpedTour2014In celebration of the kick off of the 2014 Vans Warped Tour, starting on none other than Friday the 13th, here is a playlist of 13 great songs by bands playing on this year’s Warped. Beginning with the more electronic and poppy sounds of Warped all the way to some of the heavier bands on tour, Warped Tour is a culmination of some of the best bands and acts in the scene from all around the world. Here are some of my favorites this year.

1. “Chasing Hearts” by Breathe Carolina featuring Tyler Carter–This track helps to cover the fact that both Breathe Carolina and Issues will be playing Warped 2014, and this track is just such a feel good summer song that who wouldn’t want to see an onstage collab with BC and Carter?

2. “Stoner Girl” by Mod Sun featuring Pat Brown–Mod Sun is kind of an unexpected Warped act, but since he is so closely associated with the scene and known to simply walk around venues to watch bands each day, he’s definitely a worthy aspect of the Warped world.  Also, his songs are unbelievably fun and catchy.

3. “Boomerang” by The Summer Set–This is about as “boy band” sounding as Warped can get. However, seeing this song live is a great experience.  Whether you know the words or not, The Summer Set will get you up off your feet in the best and definitely most cheesy kind of way.  And it’s a total blast.

4. “Elevated” by State Champs–I saw this band open for Vanna about six months ago and was blown away by how refined such an underground pop punk band performed.  State Champs are well equipped to play with both metalcore and pop acts and their hard hitting energy usually means they steal the whole show.

5. “Told Ya So” by Get Scared–Get Scared has this bizarre combo of pop, hardcore, and the macabre all tied up into one, and yet they are probably the most underrated band on this list.  Creating their own little niche in the scene, their second album featuring “Told Ya So” is definitely going to pack a punch when performed throughout the summer.

6. “The Drug in Me is You” by Falling in Reverse–Ronnie Radke is always a figure of controversy, and this year he made a huge deal about announcing whether his band would attend Warped or not.  And yes, in the end, they are.  And though FIR’s second full length had mixed opinions, their very first single “The Drug in Me Is You” is still top notch Radke in my book.

7. “Voices” by Crown the Empire–Over the last two years Crown the Empire have really skyrocketed, however, I personally still believe that their older EP work is just as worthy of their newer releases, and apparently so does CTE as they tend to play at least one throwback, like “Voices” per show.

8. “The Coffin is Moving” by Ice Nine Kills–Ice Nine Kills is another band to really pop up out of nowhere this past year with a really hard hitting album including a great song with zombie implications, because, you know, zombies are really “in” right now.

9. “Paper Thin” by Dangerkids–DK are basically electronic rapcore at its finest, in my humble opinion, and I really can never praise them enough for not only directly citing their influences from old school Linkin Park but also for the radness of having a female drummer.

10. “Identity Disorder” Of Mice & MenRestoring Force is still my favorite album of 2014 and I cannot wait to see “Identity Disorder” live this summer.  The inclusion of Aaron Pauley really helped OM&M round out their sound in a way greatly complimented the direction Austin Carlile had already been taking the band in.

11. “Year of the Rat” by Vanna–Vanna is another one of my all time favorite bands to see live.  They can bring even the smallest show to the energy level of a sold out stadium, and though they will be promoting their latest album Void this summer, “Year of the Rat” is still just a great song to make you get off of your feet.

12. “Beaten in Lips” by Beartooth–I was very skeptical about Caleb Shomo’s musical endeavors after the last Attack Attack! album, but this one single has completely restored my faith in Shomo and given me a brand new appreciation for Beartooth and where they are headed.

13. “Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space” by Every Time I Die–Okay, so there are a bunch of great ETID songs I could have added, but I love this song and could not resist typing out the title.  That being said, ETID is one of the heavier, yet also more soulful , bands on Warped and definitely does not deserve to be overlooked.

For your easy listening, here’s a Youtube playlist:

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