Track By Track: Glory Days “Broke In New York”

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Broke In New York – Track By Track

More often than not, when people write songs they try to emulate a certain sound or idea. It seems as it’s a developing stage with every band or artist that allows them to find their identity. With our album ‘Broke In New York,’ the only band we had in mind while writing it was Glory Days. At this early point in our career, we have truly discovered what we want to accomplish as a band, what kind of message we want to send, and how we want to impact the world.

1) Nolita
Nolita is a song we wrote specifically to record at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio. We wanted the song to take the listener on a journey of sorts by portraying very specific images. It’s about running away from certain aspects or problems in life and how they always manage to catch up with you. Someday everyone must face their inner demons, and this song is about finding the strength do to that.

2) Miracle
‘Miracle’ is a song that was written a quite a while back. We used this song to refocus our energy and really define what kind of band we wanted to be. This is a very honest, almost bittersweet song about things coming to an end merely due to circumstance. It begs the question, in a different world, could things have worked out differently? In the end, it’s about learning to let go and be okay with losing something special.

3) Find Me There
‘Find Me There’ is similar to ‘Miracle’ in that it is about loss due to circumstance. However, it’s also about having faith that someday love will find those same two people again and that the stars will align for something special between them. We began recording of this song at Converse Rubber Tracks and finished with our friend & producer, Christian Medice.

4) Warrior
‘Warrior’ is an angsty song about going back and trying to right your wrongs. It was the last song we wrote for the album. Like ‘Find Me There,’ we began recording at Converse Rubber Tracks and completed tracking and mixing with Christian Medice. We wanted to give this song a gruff edge by telling a story about growing up and how you cope with certain roadblocks; and how sometimes those coping mechanisms can be self destructive.

5) Lost In My Soul
‘Lost In My Soul’ was one of the first songs we wrote as a band in the Spring of ’11. It’s a gritty song about a friend who got lost along the way and fell into a life of drug abuse, and how experiences like that can truly change a person, along with those around them. We wanted to capture the visual of a life that is confused and harsh, yet delicate. We recorded and mixed ‘Lost In My Soul’ with Christian Medice.

Keep an eye out for Broke In New York, which drops April 3rd and follow the band by ‘liking’ them on Facebook.

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