Gentlemen Hall Interview!

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Photo Credit: Karen Somers

Infectious Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with flute player, Seth Hachen of Gentlemen Hall to chat about home cooked meals, MIT frat parties, and Joy Formidable.

Infectious Magazine: Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! How were the holidays?

Seth Hachen: Absolutey!  The holidays were especially nice this year, especially since they coincided with our tour ending.  Great time to relax.

IM: Congratulations on your recent Billboard Battle of the Bands win! How have you seen the win impact the band, fan base, shows, etc?

Seth Hachen: The Billboard Battle of the Bands was huge for us! We have been touring pretty much nonstop since then and having an amazing time on the road meeting new fans all over the the country.

IM: Similarly, what are some of the pros and cons of touring the country compared to those smaller, local shows in terms of intimacy, fan base in various areas, etc?

Seth Hachen: Touring is awesome but it definitely has its pros and cons. I’d say some of the biggest pros to touring is getting to play these venues that bands have been coming through for years.  The history of these venues is awesome and we feel honored to play those stages.  Biggest con to touring is lack of good home cooked meals.

IM: With your recent success and opportunities for larger tours, do you miss playing the smaller MIT frat shows where you originally gained a lot of your fan base?

Seth Hachen: We do miss the MIT frat parties at MIT, any chance we could play another show there?  Definitely trying to keep true to the basement parties.  That is where the magic happens.

IM: You’ve paid a lot of respect to the fans that you have in Boston and the city itself. What is one of your favorite hidden gems in the city be it a restaurant, venue, etc?

Seth Hachen: OOF… that is a tough one.  We love Boston and the music scene that is here.  One of the other hardest things about being out on the road is that we miss opportunities to hang with fellow bands such as Streight Angular, the Bodega Girls, Casey Desmond and Herra Terra.  We have so much love for the music scene here and we feel like ambassadors of it as we tour across country.  We also miss Cafenation (@cafenation380)

IM: On that same note, you’ve been a massively DIY band. What have been some of the benefits and obstacles that come with that and what are your recommendations to other area bands?

Seth Hachen: The best thing about being a DIY band is that you have complete control of the bands vision.  The biggest obstacle of being a DIY band is that your success lays on your shoulders, so you have to work hard and enjoy it all.  I think the biggest word of advise to other bands is to spend your time writing songs because a song can change the world.  Nobody else can make your dream happen.

IM: You’ve proudly stated you’ve never seen Jersey Shore. (I’m with you!) So tell us. What is your guilty pleasure?

Seth Hachen: No Guilty pleasures over here,  we are Gentlemen.

IM: You’ve listed MGMT as an influence. What is it about MGMT, or other bands that really inspire you?

Seth Hachen: GH is greatly inspired by all the great bands out there making great songs.  MGMT is especially dear to our hearts because of songs like Electric Feel, Time to Pretend, and Kids that came out in 2007.  They opened a portal to synth pop.

IM: Similarly, what is it about YOUR music that you hope inspires and influences others? (Both fans and musicians)

Seth Hachen: Good question. We really just hope to strike a chord with peoples emotions with good honest songs and flute powers.

IM: What is in the future for Gentlemen Hall?

Seth Hachen: The future is untold, there is only now, and right now we are writing some really great songs that we are excited about.

IM: What upcoming shows across the country, aside from your own should our readers check out?

Seth Hachen: Check out Joy Formidable who is touring with our friends A Place to Bury Strangers. Check this video of their live performance at SXSW. I think they are playing Jan 30 at Paradise.

IM: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Seth Hachen: That we love our fans and we are very happy to be in a time that can interact with them on a daily basis you the social networks.  Follow us on twitter (@gentlemenhall) on Facebook and youtube if you dare.

You can check out more of Gentlemen Hall on their:

Official Website


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