Geoff Rickly Explains Thursday’s “Understanding In A Car Crash”

Thursday PromoAlternative Press recently interviewed Thursday’s Geoff Rickly about the band’s most popular song, “Understanding in a Car Crash.” In the interview, Rickly explains how the song came to represent the band’s aesthetic and how it catapulted them to the forefront of the post-hardcore scene. He also talks in depth about the lyrics of the song. Check out an article excerpt after the jump and read the full article here.

The song is based on the death of a friend of yours who died in an auto accident.

Yes. In one car was my girlfriend and my best female friend, and in my car was one of my best friends—who was dating my best female friend—and me. This happened during high school; we’d meet up and go out for school lunches. One day they got into an accident: The girl that I was dating was driving and my best female friend was killed. There’s a lot [in the song] about visiting the hospital afterward and the disorientation of not knowing how to process things. At the time, I was discovering a lot of post-modern literature, and the disconnection between the articulation of despair and the word for it. The great distance between people consoling you and talking to you about the everyday in-and-out of loss, but still not being able to feel anything. The disconnection of emotions from words was a very post-modern thing. I found this way of writing about it that seemed true to me.

Alternative Press

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