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We had the pleasure of interviewing frontman Jason Lancaster of Go Radio during their first year on Warped Tour about everything from childhood memories to recurring nightmares.

Infectious Magazine: Would you mind introducing yourself?

Go Radio: I’m Jason Lancaster, I sing and play guitar for Go Radio.

IM: You’ve talked about “Goodnight Moon” reflecting on being a child and better times-what are some of your most cherished childhood memories?

GR: Lets see. This is going to sound really bad, because all my cherished memories are ones that are kind of mean. I have brothers and sisters so, all my memories are about us fighting and stuff like that. Being brutal. It’s what I remember, ha ha.

IM: After a departure from Mayday Parade years ago you had told fans that they should know their favorite bands and know that they aren’t always what they seem. With Go Radio, what are you doing to make sure you stay connected to fans, and maintain an honest relationship with them?

GR: We’re out with the audience everyday. Right before I came here, I was at our tent saying hi to people. We do multiple signings; we try to make sure that we’re on a one on one level with every single one of our fans. I think it’s crucial. I don’t ever want to be that guy that people want to take pictures of when you’re walking by. I want people to know that if you want a picture, just come up and say hi, can I get a picture? If I can, I’m more than down. Things like that.

IM: That’s so important. Now, this is your first year with Go Radio on the tour, right? How are you enjoying it?

GR:   Loving it, loving it. It’s real hot, but it’s real fun at the same time. This is actually definitely one of the cooler dates.

IM: That’s what I’ve heard, and I’m so surprised!

GR: This feels actually pretty good right now. It was 118 in Houston, stuff like that.

IM: Lots of water, right?

GR: Yeah, tons and tons and tons of water.

IM: You’ve said you started off with 30-40 songs for your record “Lucky Street.” What is the process of choosing songs like, to decide what makes the cut and what doesn’t?

GR: Well, we just kind of go through and go ‘this song means this much to me and I like the way it’s worded’ and you know, just every little aspect of it comes into play, and you go ‘oh, well I like the chorus better in this song, because it says this.’ And a lot of times you need to cut and mix and paste and go ‘ok, these songs are about the same time in my life, I like this chorus better than this verse, lets put these together.’ So, a lot of times it can happen like that.

IM: Now, have you thought of doing anything with all the songs that don’t make the cut, later on?

GR: My logic is, that if it’s not good enough to make the record, then why would I want to do something with it after that? If I didn’t think that it was good enough for you guys to hear before, then it’s kind of done.

IM: I read that the idea for Lucky Street came to you in a dream. That aside, what’s the craziest or most memorable dream you’ve had?

GR: When I was little, I had a recurring nightmare, for about 6 years straight, every single night. It was Peter Pan’s evil twin brother who was also a vampire and he was trying to kill me with a whole bunch of his friends every night, when I would go to sleep. I even had rules that I would make up, like if I’m in bed before the lights are all the way off, then I’m safe for the night, they can’t fuck with me. Stuff like that.

IM: What are your ambitions not just as a professional but as an individual as well?

GR: I just always want to strive to be a better person than I am now. I feel like, people get to a certain point in their lives and they kind of stagnate, they become complacent and figure out ‘Ok this is what I am, this is where I am, I’m ok with it.’ I don’t ever want to get to that point, I always want to be pushing further and trying to better myself and my situation and my surroundings.

IM: What is your guilty pleasure?

GR: Ice cream.

IM: What’s your favorite kind?

GR: My favorite kind is made by Blue Bell, it’s called Moose Tracks, it’s amazing.

IM: Anything else you’d like to add?

GR: Thank you to everybody. You know, I always end every interview by saying it’s just really important to us that the fans know how much they mean to us and that they are the only reason that we are doing this so, you know, I could be playing music at home and be just as happy to be playing music, but to get out and to understand that what we’re doing is making people happy, is changing the way they thing about things, that’s a huge deal for us.

IM: Thank you very much for your time.

GR: Thank you.

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