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Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong to open guitar store  

mrq7dGreen Day fans, musicians, and Green Day fans that are musicians: be prepared for awesomeness. Billy Joe Armstrong, frontman for the chart-topping pop-punk band, is teaming up with business partner Bill Schnieder to open up a guitar store in his hometown of Oakland. The store, called Broken Guitars is set to open April 3rd, and will initially feature an array of guitars from Armstrong and Schnieder’s personal collections. You might be freaking out about the prices of guitars, seeing that they’re from the two’s personal collections, but there’s no need to worry. Armstrong and Schnieder are focusing on making their guitars buyable, with the average musician in mind. The prices will mainly range from $400-800, and will feature an array of brands as well as a variety of new, vintage, and used guitars.


Besides being business partners, Armstrong and Schnieder have a musical past together as band mates for the short-lived punk rock band Pinhead Gunpowder. Occupying the old location of 1-2-3-4-Go! Records, an Oakland record store and label, Armstrong and Schnieder hope to breathe life into a neighborhood that they used to live in, which hasn’t had a great past. The store’s location is at 423 40th Street in Oakland, California.


Green Day fans can purchase a CD here.

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