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Growing Up As A Rockstar’s Daughter

Iron Maiden Lauren Harris Steve HarrisI went on my first flight when I was just 2 weeks old and took my first steps backstage at the Budokan in Japan when I was nine months old and since then I have always travelled. My siblings and I would actually travel with my dad, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) a lot as children and I actually liked being on the tour bus more than being in and out of hotels because it was homey and it was a big adventure as a kid. I enjoyed sleeping while the bus was moving as it was comforting (and still is) and playing around in the bunk beds and watching movies on the bus.

I was very used to being around big, sometimes hairy and tattooed men wearing black. My dad actually told me that when I was about 7 one of the tour bus drivers was looking after my sisters and I and he took us out into town for a while. He asked us what we wanted to do thinking we would go to some toy store and we came back to my dad all wearing leather jackets because I took us into a leather store. So that was the norm but I didn’t think anything of it. Its funny because at first my school friends were a bit weirded out by Eddie  (Eddie the Head) being in the house everywhere, especially as there was a full life size mummy version of Eddie that lived near the kitchen but then they got used to it and it was just like any other ornament in a house.

Despite my dad being in Iron Maiden and touring , we all had a really ‘normal’ upbringing. I would see him a lot as he always flew back and forth to see us and on the weekends he would like to take us out and we’d go to visit various sights such as castles, war museums and historic landmarks. At the time I thought it was boring but looking back at it I am very grateful we spent time doing those things.

I used to love going to the shows as a kid and always loved their music. I always thought my dad was cool. I really enjoyed the shows because he is completely different offstage from how he is onstage, so to see that difference always really intrigued me. It was always about putting on a show, and I realized later on that I’m very similar to him in that way, and inherited that sense of showmanship from him.

I remember thinking I’d love to do this when I went on stage for their song  “Heaven Can Wait.” They have a section of the song where they invite up a few select audience members or competition winners to sing on stage with the band. I would normally get carried out by one of the crew. We did this a lot as kids but when I was slightly older, I really took it all in and looked out at the audience cheering for them. It was amazing to witness all that energy  from the stage at such a young age and I remember thinking, I’d really love to do this. That feeling still lives with me and will never go away.

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