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1044713_718850511474540_1177513762_nHi we are 2X4 we are a 5 piece metal band from Durant, Oklahoma. On July 30th we are released our 2nd EP, Dark Hand on iTunes.  We recorded Dark Hand at Random Awesome Studios with Josh Schroder (For The Fallen Dreams, Legend, Those Who Fear, The Color Morale) back in May. The EP was our first time writing with the current lineup, which was a challenge at first, but after getting used to each others writing styles we made something that we’re proud to call Dark Hand.

Our previous release, Dead Days was written in an angry time for our vocalist. Dark Hand is a polar opposite approach. The album talks about the struggles in life and breaking away from the things that plague us day to day.  The album brings a positive message back to a genre that’s filled with negativity and hatred. We hope that people dig into our lyrics and apply them to their lives and don’t just write of the music and lyrics because we are considered a heavy band. Musically we approached Dark Hand with the intent of making something that was different enough to catch your ear but still have the feel that our current fans and listeners of Dead Days loved.

We are ecstatic about this EP we can’t wait for everyone to hear it and to see how people react. We really hope that everyone likes it and sees all the hard work we put into it. We look forward to getting out on tour this fall and play songs off both Dark Hand and Dead Days across the country. We hope to see you there.




You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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