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GUEST BLOG: Alexander Kariotis

485614_528895080505683_231426895_nMy name is ALEXANDER KARIOTIS and I am a Rock/Opera singer. I know that might seem strange to some of you but, it really is who I am and what I do. I was raised in a small town outside of Chicago and I grew up in a very musical family. My biggest influence was my older brother Tony. Tony was a singer/songwriter in a band signed to EMI called Gambler. When I was a young boy I used to follow my brother around learning from him the craft of songwriting as well as working on my voice with him every day.

When I was old enough to start fronting my own band my bother would let us open up for Gambler whenever they were near our hometown while out on tour. I really thought at that time that I was going to become a rock singer. Then one day my brother sat me down and told me he thought that I had more of a voice inside of me just trying to get out. He took me to see Luciano Pavarotti sing and “BAM” that was it, I was hooked on opera. Fast forward a few years later and there I was studying in NYC at The Mannes Conservatory of Music trying my best to get that voice out.

I have traveled all over the place as an opera singer even living in Berlin, Germany. I still kept my foot in the rock world working with my brother in the studio or performing at rock theaters like the Roxy in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, my brother passed away after he was diagnosed with Lou Gherigs disease. I lost my best friend and my rock partner.

That brings us up to the present and the release of my new album. My music is a combination of original rock music fused with famous operatic arias and songs. I love both genres and feel at home singing either one of them. It really is important for people to understand that singing both rock and opera is my calling and when I am singing this music I feel like I am home.

My new album is called ALEXANDER KARIOTIS and THE ROCK OPERA ORCHESTRA. We are signed to VMG/CEN and our album is being distributed through RED/SONY. I would love to meet all of you so come join my Facebook or Twitter or stop by the website and leave me a note.


Facebook: AlexanderKariotisMusic

Twitter: @AlexKariotis1

YouTube: AlexKariotis

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3 Thoughts to “GUEST BLOG: Alexander Kariotis”

  1. shali

    my son enjoys alexander kariotis’ cd and videos and was curious to hear what Tony Kariotis sounded like, so I found him Gambler albums on amazon, but the artists listed on the albums don’t include Tony Kariotis- did he perform under a different name?
    Thank you

  2. shali

    my son enjoys Alexander Kariotis’ cd and videos and was curious to hear Tony Kariotis, so I found him two Gambler albums on amazon, but don’t see Tony Kariotis listed on them. Did he perform under a different name?
    Thank you

  3. shali

    Nathan Shaffer
    Del Breckenfeld
    Bruce Breckenfeld
    Warren Mays
    Chuck Schwartz

    I was looking for Tony Kariotis, reputed to have sung with Gambler, anyone know if he used a different name back then, or other details?

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