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GUEST BLOG: Bill Hicks, DIY, And The Duality Of Man

All DinosOne thing that makes me sad is that the very talented and intelligently hilarious Bill Hicks is becoming more and more obscure to the general public. Hicks transcended both comedy and music during his life long career as a stand-up purist and his words will forever echo in all of my aspirations. An over arcing message in his act was to “play from your heart” by which he meant that “rock stars” and other performers should never aspire to become successful in order to be hired by corporations to sell products. Music is art and artist integrity should never be compromised for a paycheck. I think of performers like George Michael selling soft drinks and Toby Keith selling trucks and wonder what any of that has to do with art, because it has nothing to do with music.

Bill Hicks preferred to live in a world where musicians would let everything inside of them come out on stage until the last song when they had exhausted all emotions, and end the performance by ending their lives. An obvious over exaggeration but one that leaves me thinking of how every show, no matter how small, can have an impact on just one person that can ultimately change a life or even history. Being a musician and in a band with three other committed gentlemen has been one of the most important parts of my life this far and I hope to never compromise it. There are things each of us should hold sacred to never let anyone or any situation corrupt and All Dinosaurs is that for me.

The first band I was ever a part of was such a huge influence on my outlook and is one of the reasons I identify with people like Bill Hicks. DIY or DYI (do it yourself or do yourself in) is a mantra for anyone, not just in art or music, can benefit from. There will never be anyone or any company that will care, understand, or support you as much as you and you are your best ally. Not as a pessimist, unfaithful in all outside input or coordination, but optimistic in your own ability to share something with the rest of the humanity that is truly your own.

Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer in the early 90’s and I wonder what he would be saying about how the world is now. One point I am confident he would still be stressing is to “play from your heart”, don’t give up, don’t compromise. Find something that brings you joy and never back down from obstacles or concede to demands based on someone that doesn’t understand creativity.

Also, please listen to our record Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior, we hope you like it. Come out to a show if we are in your town and we promise to leave it all on the stage and give out sweaty hugs upon request. Thank you for reading and if you don’t know, listen to Bill Hicks.

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