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GUEST BLOG: Elephant Squad Clothing

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Purple LeGrandMy name is LeGrand Haughton and I started a clothing brand called Elephant Squad in 2011. Being broke in college was my push to think of a quick way to make cash, but I couldn’t follow through with something that I knew wouldn’t be long term. I knew whatever I started needed to stay for the long run so when I created the line I had to plan everything out. Unlike the get rich quick theories, I had a game plan. I studied the way clothing was designed, how designers moved forward and how people reacted to certain images and color schemes. Moving forward with this thought process gave me an edge, but I needed to find a way to market to the masses. That’s when it hit me. The one thing everyone has in common; listening to music. I had to find a way to connect my line to music.

I started looking at not only major acts but local ones too. I started a sponsorship program to help artists out. In exchange for me posting them on our official website, giving discounts and promoting them, they would also promote us at their shows and their social media pages. Now a whole networking system got started and so far it has been working really well for everyone. I even spread my reach out to extreme athletes. The best way to reach out to musicians and artists was to go where they are: shows, clubs, etc. This is one of the reasons I can always be seen at a show or night club connecting with everyone I meet. I feel like brands today are having a really hard time connecting with the youth because each generation is so different than the previous. A lot of brands now make it difficult for bands and artist to get a sponsorship or endorsement. Our program has added bands such as Take over Soldiers, As Oceans, and In Dying Arms. Our sponsorship program is still open and we are currently filling our roster

I think in times like these people really need other individuals to look up to and get inspired by. This is another reason I started Elephant Squad. I want people to look at my life one day and say: “He started with only a little, but gained a lot.” I want to inspire people to push themselves to help their communities and help build in areas where they see faults. There is a lot of change and work this world needs and we have to be the carpenters of the new world for our future generations to prosper. Our future in this world is going to be left for the innovators to keep it going, whether that is musicians, entrepreneurs, artist or everything and anything in between.  Our creativity will allow us to piece together how we would like the world to keep remembering us long after we have all have gone.

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