GUEST BLOG: Empire Theory Discusses Soles4Souls

Empire TheoryAll music serves a purpose.

In fact, all musicians play with a purpose or perhaps multiple purposes. It’s what drives them forward, what beckons them to play on to an audience of one or to an audience of millions. Some musicians play music merely to profess their love for it, a noble purpose indeed.

Others want to be rich and famous, with mansions and cars and the love and admiration of the world around them. When talking about purpose, the possibilities are as endless as the songs written. Whatever the purpose may be, it’s the only way the serious musician is actually going to get somewhere in the music industry. And he or she must constantly remind themselves of that purpose, of the why behind the what. The question is essential:

Why do we do what we do?

So, when the time came for Empire Theory to figure out a purpose, a driving goal above all other goals to carry the band in a forward, progressive motion, and after careful evaluation of each member’s priorities and desires, the answer was resounding and rather deafening:

Make music to change the world.

Why deafening? Because it’s all around us, and most importantly, we’ve all been exposed to it one way or another:

That overwhelming, ever-growing desire to leave a legacy bigger than the songs you write or the shows you play in. That earnest plea tugging at your heart asking you, when it’s all said and done, when you’ve lived your entire life and lived it well, “What have you done to make a difference in your world?”

With that question looming around our heads, we had no choice. We had to succumb to the pressure around us. The world around us that suffers, and the world around us is missing the bare essentials necessary for mere survival. It’s the world around us that wakes up wondering if they will have clean water to drink, or if they’ll have to walk the entire day to fetch dirty, disease ridden water barefoot.

Oddly enough, the concept of people being barefoot also struck an important chord in the heart of lead guitarist Dave Oakley, and he subsequently reached out to an organization called Soles4Souls, whose sole purpose (pun totally intended) is to, as they boldly put it, fight the “devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty”.

What impacted Dave was the fact that they fulfill this mission by collecting new and used clothes and shoes and handing them out in impoverished areas, both foreign and domestic. Not only do they hand the shoes and clothes out, but the Nashville, TN-based organization also works with poverty-stricken nations to bring about the development of micro-enterprises designed to provide communities with sustainable jobs. In a sense, they are resurrecting and embodying the oft-forgotten adage, “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; give him a way to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime. 

This level of dedication and sense of mission seriously caught the attention of Empire Theory in choke-hold fashion. Because of the band’s admiration for this type of philanthropic, life-altering and life-changing work, they decided to help Soles4Souls in the collection of new and used shoes at their upcoming show at House of Blues this Saturday, July 27th.

It’s important to point out that fans who donate their new or used shoes won’t leave empty handed. Empire Theory will be handing out download cards for a free song as a token of their appreciation for supporting the work done by Soles4Souls.

Music is great. Music well played by a great band is awesome. But music designed to change the world for the better?

That’s legendary.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets from Empire Theory here.


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