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GUEST BLOG: Head Above Water With Eyes On The Prize

Everlit Couch Promo - AWe can all agree the music industry has changed drastically and it is now harder than ever to get noticed, and stay relevant. The days of a “record label run” industry are over, and independent bands have run amuck. With so many bands creating so much competition, how do you ensure you have a future in the music industry? In our many years playing in bands, writing music, and touring the country . . . here are a few things we’ve learned that are worth noting.

Keep your chin up. A lot of bands make the mistake of thinking that being in a band is not a job. It’s important to remember it’s called a music career for a reason. Yes, being in a band should be fun, but like any project, you need to invest time and energy to be successful. With that in mind, most projects in the early days encounter negative feedback, no feedback, rejection from labels and clubs, and so on. Rather than getting down on yourself, use the criticism to fuel your fire. Stay positive and keep working. The music industry weeds out the weak so stay strong!

The Social Circus. With all the channels out there in the social media world, it’s hard to choose where to start, stay, and expand. Like anything else, it’s better to strengthen a few channels rather than try to tackle them all. Choose the major networks that suit your band and genre the best. Remember to stay active, network with other industry people, and most importantly . . . You have to give love to get love. Be sure to post about other bands and what they’re doing because they’re likely to do the same for you.

Another key factor is watching what’s trending, being the first or an early adapter of something new and special can really give you an upper hand. But not all of being social depends on social media. It still pays to go to shows and music conferences to network, meet people, and see how other bands do things. Don’t forget to follow up with anyone you meet!

Love Your Fans. The cornerstone to any successful band is the fan base. Make sure your chatting with them online, giving them ways to interact with your posts, and most importantly be there for them at the merch area during shows. They want to meet you, and you’ll notice sales go up if you and the whole band hangs out and gets to know them.

Professionalism. You’ve heard it a million times, but there’s a reason why . . . Be professional! Everyone in the industry talks and they review your attitude, how you deal with lineup changes, set lengths, being on time, and your tightness as a band. At every show, regardless of the scenario, just remember to keep your chin up and be easy to work with. That karma will come back around!

Today’s wonderfully insightful guest blog was brought to you by Philadelphia hard rockers Everlit. The band’s brand new EP, titled Renovate, was released last month and you can watch the music video for the first single “Break Away” below. If you’re digging it as much as we are, you can purchase a CD for just $2.99 here.

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