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GUEST BLOG: How To Dream Like A Rockstar

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In this beautifully written and insightful guest blog, Brooklyn alternative/electro-rock powerhouse Kai Altair delves into the importance of dreams, surrounding yourself with the right people, and how artists can help make the entire human experience a little better for everyone. Enjoy! 

Artists, musicians, dancers, and dreamers all live in a different place from time to time. We skitter around at the edges of things, pushing up against boundaries of real and unreal, seen and unseen. We perceive subtle shifts in energies and frequency, and often experience emotion and relationships via dizzying highs and lows. At our best we are romantic champions of imagination, heroes and wayshowers. At our worst we are lost and wandering, forever falling down in overwhelming patterns of stimulus and sorrow. Most of us are a little bit of both. Art is at its best when it pushes us to become something bigger and brighter, when it acts as a catalyst that sparks new paradigms that transform culture and the world. How do we move from dreaming into doing, and serve our purpose as translators of the human experience?

1) Dreamwalking:

Spontaneous night dreams can provide insight into life, love, and even human survival. When one is truly awake the world speaks in signs and synchronicity–the elements giving way to a reality of shapes, colors, words and wonders that artists process through our creations and performance. Practicing dream incubation, dream journaling, and the processes laid out by shamanic dream teacher Robert Moss’s growing movement of Active/Lucid Dreaming, we have the power to draw directly from a bottomless well of inspiration. Writers block becomes a thing of the past. Diving deep, we can provide curiosity and cures to a planet starved for new ways to connect and protect life as we know it.

2) Community Building: 

Choose your clan carefully. The people you surround yourself with act as a direct line to your power and promise as an artist. We can weave webs of life-force between each other that serve as doorways to new opportunities and insight. Be sure that the people in your life are ones that believe in you, and believe that a better world can come about through sharing visionary art. Be sure that there is no one hitched to your star creating a drag on your trajectory. Pick friends who are always giving life to new projects, love to collaborate, and encourage you to never give up.

3) Making:

Sometimes the hardest part about being an artist is the act of manifestation. Once you’ve gathered your illumination and your tribe, it’s time to get down to business. Focus and ground yourself through practice, discipline, and connection to the present moment. Make time each day to hone your craft, connect to the source, and then make something. Even if it’s not the ultimate example of your highest goal, it will drive your further on your path. Your daydreams can become action plans if you grow them with care and tenacity.

Our planet is in dire need of bigger and better stories, and a deeper understanding and connection to the divine forces of the human spirit. As artists, our experiences within the realm of sounds and images, movement and symbol make us different. We can lead others into new ways of being and seeing that may influence them to turn inward towards their own higher purpose. The creations we draw forth from the Dreaming can be fuel for sparks of change that heal our hearts, minds, and world.

A huge thank you to Kai for taking some time out to share her wisdom with Infectious! Her brand new album Dreamwalker was released last week and you can stream it in full below. If you’re loving it as much as we are, you can purchase a CD here or grab a digital copy on iTunes

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