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GUEST BLOG: How To Write A Killer Track

Cajsa Siik - PRESS 2014 - WEBThe songs I love the most are the ones were I can feel honesty shine through. Anger, unconditional love, desperate sadness, power or just pure joy that makes you scared of losing it all. Melodies for me are like colors and shapes. Combine them with words and you might be able to capture that feeling you have in that specific moment.

A good song has so many different shapes and forms. The problem with talking about songwriting or how it’s done, for me, is that it forces me to put things into words that I’m not sure how to explain. You might need an instrument, so learn how to play it. You might have to use your voice, so do it.

Of course you can, when recording a sketch, use different techniques, heavy beats, the most expensive guitar amp ever or the most expensive studio ever. But what it really boils down to is that moment when you don’t care about what other people think. Then it’s all about staying in that flow where it doesn’t really matter if it’s a “Killer Track” or not. Because for some people it might be and for some it won’t.
That’s the magic.

Writing this album ‘Contra’ and ‘Relentless Delight’ was like opening a window that no one else could see, letting things in and then out again.
I had this feverish drive to leave old habits and explore a world where voices not being heard were allowed to speak freely and I gave myself the total freedom to be cynical, hopeful, combative, pissed off, full of life, ice-cold and dramatic. I guess the songs are fragments of conversations from a fuck-it mentality to thoughtfulness.

“Let’s just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That’s all it was: curiosity”
- Jim Morrison

Cajsa Siik’s Bio:

Cajsa Siik is a Swedish artist hailing all the way from Stockholm Her music has already been included in various American shows, such as The Michael J Fox Show, Awkward, Degrassi and Ravenswood. She has also recently teamed up with Tiger Lou’s producers Rolf Klinth and Calle Ekerstam, in order to work on and co-produce her upcoming new single Relentless Delight.

Relentless Delight resembles a mix between Daughter, Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes, and is a striking and artfully constructed song. Cajsa’s creativity shines through a spacious yet emotionally rich production, driven solely by the track’s pulsating drum pattern. Her sensual vocals are a clear contrast to the darkly enigmatic and thematically textured arrangements. However, they seem to fit perfectly with the powerful yet minimalistic orchestration that supports her every word from the beginning of the track.

Relentless Delight is a great addition to modern indie-pop’s family tree. It will be available for sale and download everywhere 1st September 2014.

Purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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