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Lisa Clap PhotoI am very lucky to be able to share my journey so far with you guys so here goes…… dancing, singing, and prancing around the room have always been high on my agenda in life and music accompanies all three of the above.  During a particularly difficult period in my life when facing challenges such as mortality, self worth, reason to be, I began to write down my feelings in a poetic fashion.  This allowed me to air my thoughts and fears and as the pages turned and more and more came out, I could see music form along with the words.  

My poems then grew into songs: songs about life, human beings, and this physical experience we all share; and then actually helped me to rejoice in what I found was the MAGIC of being human.  As I created string lines, bass lines, backing vocals and fat beats, all of my fears started to dissipate and I began celebrating life and my experiences.

My collection of songs was thus created and I hope it can help others do the same.  I would like them to inspire you to live a little—don’t waste time and listen to your heart.  Music and creation go hand in hand and thankfully for me it was my saviour!

I implore you to keep your ears open and your filters flexible so you don’t miss any musical gems.  My openness has made me the writer and composer I am today and I hope that you can feel my heartbeat, absorb my words and that it brings you a meaningful listening experience, which in my opinion is rare today.  I look forward to seeing you someplace, somewhere in the future and wish you all peace and love.

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