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GUEST BLOG: Lizzy Abshire

Guest_Blog-1024x518My name is Lizzy Abshire and I’d like to use this incredible opportunity I’ve been given to not only introduce myself, but to share with all of  you a little bit about who I am and why I fell in love with music—and why you should too.

I got my start in radio, booking, managing and promoting. Music has been my true love for as long as I can remember.

I’m in the business industry and work in many facets of the music business. I am a singer, songwriter, lyricist, flutist and musician. I book, manage and promote indie artists and help them attain radio air play, and I’m a radio DJ with z13 Radio as of recently.

My main goal is to allow future generations of people to fall in love with music. I want people to understand how beneficial MUSIC is for every single person alive. Music is the universal language that allows us the freedom to communicate with any soul regardless of the language we speak. Music is THE best medicine in my opinion. It has helped me through many crises in my life along the path to getting to where I am now and still gets me through the day every single day. We must go through trials and tribulations to not only grow and learn from, but also to be able to appreciate all the good moments we encounter along the way as well, especially the small joys that make life wonderful. Without music, the world would be an extremely quiet, mundane and boring world to live in. Without music we would lose the ability to communicate with one another through its universal method of  connecting and bonding us all. Where words fail, music always speaks. Let’s help music remain alive for not only ourselves but for future generations to come.

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