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GUEST BLOG: Never Giving Up

the frailBeing in a band is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Now you’re probably thinking, “WTF all you have to do is learn an instrument and have fun,,,” While this is true, it’s not true for all. When I first started playing music I was around 4 years old, I had a band called Elf Tiger w/ my pre-school buddy and wrote songs called Diamonds In The Sky & 79 Drums 79 Bombs. Now those were the days! I could just yell and bang on pots and no one cared.  

Now that I have a few records, tours, and other accomplishments under my belt, there comes more pressure to deliver & sometimes it’s just not the same. You have challenges with your bandmates (best friends), you have writers block, everything costs money if you want to release a record and don’t have a deal, you have relationships, work, and an entire list of other things to worry about.

At the end of the day, sometimes you forget why you’re doing this in the first place: THE MUSIC. One thing that has always kept me going when I have spent my last dime on a tour, or my gears break mid-show or I’m just flat out exhausted is to.. NEVER GIVE UP.

I have never given up despite broken hearts, lost friends, or quitting band members. Not to mention, I never give up when a deal falls through, a show turn out is week, or my nerves overcome me before a show. Playing music is hard, and it’s something I could never live without. So with that, my words of advice are to NEVER GIVE UP & REACH FOR THE STARS! You can touch them if you want it bad enough.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

Founder of Infectious Magazine & Muddy Paw Public Relations. Lover of passion, ice cream, and books.

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