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GUEST BLOG: Our Most Influential Albums

Northernmost - PromoAny group of people coming together to make music are going to find some level of diversity within their band – whether it be a simple matter of taste, background, or even writing style. In the best case scenario, these differences can be used as a tool to elevate songwriting and hopefully, show a variety of influence in the finished product. Northernmost is definitely an interesting collaboration of people and even though we’ve found a common musical direction, we’ve also got a wide assortment of tastes and backgrounds that exist within the group. Scott (guitar/vocals), for example, got his musical start as part of the flourishing Massachusetts scene of the early 2000s, frequenting VFW’s where hometown heroes like Therefore I Am played their very first shows. Our drummer Tyler, on the other hand, can trace his musical beginnings back to the rudiments of jazz drumming and marching band. Such a wide range of tastes between five people can be a bit hard to neatly summarize, so instead, we decided to each pick one album that has had a significant hand in shaping us musically. This could be a record that altered our entire musical scope, or more simply, one that maybe just resonated with us in some way. Check it out below:

Jesse Field (guitar/vocals)

A Perfect CircleThirteenth Step

A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step

“I remember the first time my friend Brian showed me Thirteenth Step. I really embraced what they were doing sonically–specifically, the ability to have crushing full parts with minimal distortion and full song builds that focused so closely on Maynard James Keenan’s vocals. I remember loving the driving bass and the soft reverbed guitars. I still feel like A Perfect Circle is one of my biggest influences in music, and especially in Northernmost (although I’ll never pretend I can sing like Maynard).”

Scott Myers (guitar/vocals)

Will SmithBig Willie Style

Will Smith Big Willie Style

“Will Smith taught me how to not take myself too seriously both in life and on stage. I think something about the whole attitude of Big Willie Style changed me into some sort of Fresh Prince.”

Tyler Bragger (drums)

Avishai Cohen TrioGently Disturbed

Gently Disturbed

“The album Gently Disturbed by Avishai Cohen Trio was super important for shaping me as a musician. It made me see all the endless possibilities in chord structures/inversions and how the bassist can really change the feel of a chord just by the note he chooses to play under the pianist. It also made me appreciate the value of just a single note held for a period of time. It helped me understand that simpler can sometimes be more melodic and emotional. And of course, it completely changed everything I thought I knew about time signatures and groove/feel. Whenever I’m playing drums or writing new drum parts, I draw a lot of inspiration from Mark Guiliana, particularly from this record.”

Kayla MacNeil (guitar)

Brand NewThe Devil and God are Raging Inside Me


“This record came out when I was a sophomore in high school, and up until that point I had never heard anything that even compared. There were a lot of bands adopting the whole aggressive/emotional trademark in their sound, but I think Brand New really transcended that style on this album to create something unique. It was driving, at times eerie, poetic, emotionally raw, and incredibly dynamic. For the first year that this album was out, I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I tracked down every b-side and demo; it became the soundtrack to my entire year and in a lot of ways, completely altered the way I approach playing guitar. I remember the first time seeing these songs played live, thinking, ‘Okay, this is what I want to do with my life.’”

Nate Machado (bass/vocals)

Fall Out BoyTake This to Your Grave

Take This To Your Grave

“I remember buying this CD; it was one of the first albums I picked out as a kid. I can remember sitting in my room listening to it constantly and learning all the words. I spent hours after school trying to figure out how to play the entire thing on drums and guitar. TTTYG really gave me a huge push toward becoming a musician.”

Armed with their own unique brand of reverb rock, Taunton, Massachusetts quintet Northernmost proved to be true workhorses in 2014, releasing a self-titled full length album followed by an EP titled Culprit. And they show no signs of slowing down, having already served up more musical goodness in 2015. Earlier this month Northernmost released a split EP with Last Great Hero, which you can purchase for name your price here, and be sure to check out the excellent “Culprit” below.

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