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GUEST BLOG: Sam Callahan

484846_434105996671098_1220207563_nTHE CRAZY CAMPAIGN
So, this month has been without a doubt the busiest month I’ve ever had, by a long way… But I’ve absolutely loved it! On top of numerous gigs, radio interviews air play, and any other events that we’d already had booked, such as schools, charity gigs, etc., I’ve also been doing my ‘Crazy Campaign’ to promote the new single ‘Crazy’! #SamsCrazyCampaign

I’ve been tackling 15 #crazy, and some just plain silly, stunts throughout the month of May, from skydiving and jumping dirt bikes, to morris dancing and pole dancing! Well, I guess you can’t always look cool can ya!?

The best thing about the campaign, however, is that the whole thing is sponsored and all in aid of ‘The Teenage Cancer Trust’.

Before I was born, my Nan had cancer. Obviously I wasn’t around to witness that, but I sure know of the effects it had on my family! Being a teenager, in today’s society, I also know all about all of the good, the bad, and the ugly things that teenagers in general have to deal with. Without sounding like I’m moaning, I know that being a teenager is hard! It’s the time you do most of your growing up. It’s when you have most of your first experiences, and as the old saying goes, kids are cruel. You’re judged, as a teenager, at school, out and about, etc., more than at any other time in your life. I can’t begin to imagine what dealing with all of that AND then coping with something like cancer, on top of it all must be like!

Since choosing The Teenage Cancer Trust as my charity to support through out the Crazy Campaign, I have spoken to a lot of amazing people who have shared their cancer story with me. Teenagers who have beaten cancer and some who have cancer now, or who have a member of their family who has cancer. It really has made me realise that what I’m doing, raising money for such a fantastic charity, is really worth while! I want to try and raise as much as I can for The Teenage Cancer Trust. I know I’m not going to be changing the world this month, but I do hope that maybe, if we all club together, we can make someone’s life that little bit easier! From the amazing, inspiring stories I’ve been sent lately, the Teenage Cancer Trust really does make a difference. If you WOULD like to donate please click here or text (UK) ‘SAMC66 £[amount]‘ to 70070 – Every little helps!


I have my new single coming out in June which I’m really excited about! The song has a wicked summer vibe so we’re releasing it at just the right time! All we need now is some sun to go with it!

The video is a real treat! I think it’s really unexpected and it’s got a couple of really neat, hidden twists! I cannot wait to share it with you all and I hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Don’t forget to keep an eyes peeled for the release of Crazy, which will be out some time in June. And remember to look out for the hidden link! 😉

Check out all of the details for #SamsCrazyCampaign, videos of all my #Crazy stunts and all my other links, on my website.

Bundles of love!

SAM xxxx


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