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GUEST BLOG: Support Your Scene

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worship thisFor those of you who do your part in your local music community, thank you and keep up the stellar job!

For those of you music enthusiasts who are more passive members, I’m going to break a few things down for you and inform you as to why you should step up your game if you give a shit.

Some folks create art; most of these folks do so for the love of it and do not have the luxury of having it be their sole source of income, if any income at all. Those who travel to bring what they have created to you do so at the expense of time away from families, jobs, and other responsibilities. To make these efforts seem worthwhile it seems fair to do so at minimal loss or at the very least break even. There are amazing circuits that have been working very well for years, but I still hear the same things in different cities like “Why don’t you come to ______?” or “I saw you in ______, but you never came back”. Well my friends, other people ruin things that you enjoy. The main reasons artists don’t come back to the same cities are typically because they had a bad experience or they lost their asses because no one came out to their show. I know that bands will give the benefit of the doubt and hit the same spots to hope for a better experience, but you can only beat a dead horse for so long and the reality of it is once a band loses consistently for so long, the trade-off of leaving their families and jobs isn’t so appealing anymore. That’s when your favorite bands throw in the towel and you’re like, “Fuck! Why are they breaking up?” Sure, you saw them three years ago and the next time they came to town you went on that shitty date and the time after it was raining so you didn’t want to ride your bike across town and the time after that you got so smashed pre-gaming you spent the rest of the night barfing on yourself. After watching good band after good band fall to the wayside, we still don’t think about what we can do to prevent it. Why not appreciate what we have, while we still have it?

What can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen? Go to shows. Bring your friends to shows. Buy merch at those shows. Be respectful of the people and bands at shows. Buy the records that the band put up for free online. Reach out to a band and set up a show for them and put effort into making it a good one. Make the band a meal. Offer them a place to stay.

There are plenty of ways to help. Get creative. If everyone in your community works together you can build something relevant and the positive things that come as a result will be rewarding to all involved.

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