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GUEST BLOG: Teenage Life In The Music Industry

Pheobe Reynolds Being a young performer means that sometimes when people ask you questions about yourself it is difficult to explain yourself fully; older performers probably find it easier as they have more experience and media training, although as my career moves on, I am slowly gaining more confidence in interviews.

I love performing in front of an audience; I love the rush of adrenaline. I have always wanted to commit to life in the music industry.  Meeting new people, many of whom are big names in the industry has definitely helped my confidence grow.  Having professionals as successful as they are show interest in my music has inspired me to want to write more and improve my music further – I’m aware I’m still developing as an artist. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with what is happening in my life but I love this feeling.  Interviews can be quite tough as I am talking to lots of strangers and it’s hard to remain self-confident.

I am about to start my GCSE’s this year and juggling school work, writing music, and promoting myself can be quite hard work. My social life is different from my friends as I sometimes have to cancel plans last minute. Interviews have to be a priority over things I may have planned with friends and sometimes it can be a little frustrating. It can be difficult to balance work commitments with a good social life and sometimes it can be quite stressful. Sometimes

Having said that, I would give anything for writing and performing to be my full time job.

Phoebe X




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