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GUEST BLOG: The Mechanics Of Song Writing

Hunter and the BearIt’s funny what can happen in a year. Almost exactly 365 days ago we were sat in Will’s garage with no songs, no lyrics and just about no idea how we were going to go about this writing business. So as is the way, we just started. Singing ideas to each other, playing little guitar parts we had saved up and trying to squeeze a song together. A week or so later and we had 4 songs. They might not have been great, in truth they were average to notably below average, but they were songs, which we had plucked out of seemingly thin air. Songs that didn’t exist before we sat down and tried to come up with something.

It’s amazing to think in the short time of one year so much has happened to the three of us and how the sound has developed from whatever we could pull out of the instruments to something that we’re all happy and excited to be playing. Additions of the kick drum, electric bass, harmonica, mandolin, two recording experiences, lots of songs and god-only-knows how many live shows have helped us get to where we are now: the release of “Forest On The Hill.”

We’ve been very fortunate in our so-far short journey to have been helped along the way by some wonderful people. If you’d have told us when we started that in a years time we’d be booking headline slots at venues like Notting Hill Arts Club we’d have said you were mad!

Looking back it seems life has been on fast-forward. We feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to record the songs we love to play and now we’re just very excited to get the music out there for people to hear.

Hopefully we will see some of you at a show soon.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets for Hunter & The Bear here.

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