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GUEST BLOG: The SpacePimps China Tour 2013

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spacepimpsOh the good ole’ orient. The country that houses the largest population in world, and the country that lives under a pseudo-communist rule with the most ruthless form of capitalism on the planet. One thing they do have right is the music scene. This tour of China was our 2nd and certainly the more successful of the two. Traveling into China is not an easy process, as every person from another country must obtain a visa (work or tourist) in order to gain access to it. Our flight plan took us from our hometown of Pittsburgh to Chicago for a layover, then a 16 hour plane ride, over the north pole, into Beijing. Jet lag is the absolute worst. We arrived at 1PM China time, but it felt like 1AM Pittsburgh time. The lack of sleep while on tour there was insane. However, the experience was second to none.

Our label over there, Hot Pot Music, is amazing. We were walking around Beijing before the first show, and there were posters and all sorts of promotions all over the massive city. Our tour routing brought us to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and back to Shanghai. The club shows were amazing, and we even sold out 2 of the shows. We were overwhelmed with the amount of support we have over there. It almost seems like pop punk is still a new, fresh, and rising genre of music in China. They are perplexed, yet very interested in it. Now, it is important to note that the government controls much of the music that goes in and out of the country. Additionally, social media like facebook, youtube, and twitter are all banned over there, so people do not have the ways to discover music like we do. Therefore, seeing a punk show is something very different and new to many of them. The club shows are always the best, because we can interact with people directly.

Our last show was a huge festival called Zebra Music Festival, on the beach outside of Shanghai. This was the biggest show we have every played in our careers. There was over 20,000 people, on the beach, in bikinis, in China. A dream, right? We were one of the headliners, which was also a huge surprise, and the crowd was just amazing. This tour, we achieved many things that 8 years ago, I could have NEVER imagined. We sold out headlining shows in another country, played in front of 20,000 people, and toured a country that not many American bands have. You can check out some pictures that we added below, and also, take a look at our tour video we posted on youttube that documents much of the tour. Thanks!

 You can purchase a CD via iTunes for ‘Eternal Boy’ here or buy concert tickets here.

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